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US Navy’s soft sugar cookie recipe from WWII, and how to make it at home

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And for anyone who’s ever wanted to eat dessert like a sailor in the U.S. Marina Militare, now you can. The Navy’s 1945 recipe for soft sugar cookies was posted on YouTube by the Naval History and Heritage Command in April, come...

Asparagus recipe found in legal database after ‘hilarious’ sbaglio

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Asparagus is known to be a traditional side dish of the Flemish people, so much so perhaps that a recipe for the delicious shoot has mistakenly appeared in a Belgian law database. Local commercial lawyer Morgan Mol...

Utah woman’s headstone has her fudge recipe engraved on the back

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Kathryn Andrews and her husband Wade are buried at Logan Cemetery in Logan, Utah. Like typical headstones, theirs has their names, birth and death dates. tuttavia, it also includes images to represent Wade on the side...

Give kale a chanceor fall in love all over againwith these 7 recipe ideas

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Kale has become the poster child for a kind of tongue-in-cheek mockery of virtuous eating habits over the past decade, as evidenced by the now ubiquitous "eat more kale" slogan and "keep calm and kale on" merch. Des...

‘Popcorn saladrecipe by Food Network’s Molly Yeh divides Twitter

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Social media commenters are playing food critic with a resurfaced recipe for a snap pea salad with popcorn, both savoring and slamming the divisive dish. Cookbook author Molly Yeh hosts "Girl Meets Farm" on Food Net...

Lon Adams, che ha sviluppato la ricetta per Slim Jim jerky, muore di Covid-19

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Lon Adams, noto per aver sviluppato la ricetta per Slim Jim a scatti, è morto sabato per complicazioni del Covid-19, confermò la sua camera ardente. È stato 95. Adams, il cui nome completo era Alonzo T. Adams II, è meglio conosciuto per ...