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End SARS protesters reject Lagos governor’s ‘peace walkreconciliation gesture

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Lagos, Nigeria The Governor of Nigeria's Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, said Tuesday that his government will not inflame already heightened tensions that stemmed from a report by a judicial panel that probed the O...

Sanders demands lower drug prices, reconciliation framework

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Sanders, I-Vt., serves as chairman of the Budget Committee, which has placed him in the prime position of negotiation between the disparate elements in the Democrat party. Notable holdouts Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., ...

Sy. Tim Scott calls Democratsreconciliation bill a ‘great American shakedown

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President Biden on Friday announced a scaled back $ 1.75 trillion social spending and climate change package that still failed to win over the support of moderate Sens. Kyrsten-bioskoop, D-Ariz., and Joe Manchin, D-W....

Biden neem geen vrae oor versoeningstoespraak voordat hy op Europese reis vertrek nie: ‘Ek sal jou in Rome sien’

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Biden het 'n nuwe raamwerk vir die versoeningswetsontwerp onthul en sy hoop gedeel om die tweeparty-infrastruktuurwetsontwerp vinnig te aanvaar. Egter, verskeie progressiewes, insluitend Huis Progressiewe Koukus-voorsitter Rep. Pramila ...

Bill Hagerty: Immigration provision in reconciliation bill will ‘set back’ American workers

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HAGERTY URGES SANDERS TO OPPOSE IMMIGRATION PROVISION BACKED BY BIG TECH IN DEM SPENDING BILL SEN. BILL HAGERTY: "What it does to the American worker is set them back for a generation to come while Big Tech billionai...

Nancy Pelosi verdedig progressiewe te midde van versoeningstryd

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Tydens 'n verskyning op CNN's "Staat van die Unie," Pelosi het nie saamgestem met gasheer Jake Tapper nadat hy gesê het nie "gematigdes is gefrustreerd" omdat verskeie sperdatums om die twee groot stukke wetgewing deur te voer, gemis is "b ...

Rep. Khanna says Biden told Dems reconciliation agreement a must before Glasgow conference: ‘I need this

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The progressive congressman was confident that a deal will be made in the near future, as lawmakers continue to negotiate terms for the reconciliation bill that was initially valued at $ 3.5 triljoen. NY TIMES' TOM...

Dems dryf amnestie vir miljoene onwettige immigrante deur middel van versoeningspakket: GOP

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Oor 1.3 miljoen migrante is by die grens in hegtenis geneem sedert president Biden die amp beklee het, McCarthy opgemerk aan die bokant van sy Capitol Hill inligtingsessie. Hy is geflankeer deur Reps. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, Tony Gonzal...

Politico stel vry 2021 weergawe van 'I'm Just a Bill’ wat filibuster mors, groet versoening

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"Nadat ek die wetsontwerp op infrastruktuur deur versoenings en stem-a-ramas probeer deurboor het, ons het besluit dat dit tyd is om weer 'I'm Just a Bill' te besoek,'" Die politiek -tekenaar Matt Wuerter het in die video se inleiding gesê..

Pelosi says Dems will pass infrastructure bill this week, can agree on reconciliation package

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"Let me just say we're going to pass the bill this week," Pelosi, D-Kalifornië., said of the infrastructure bill on ABC's "This Week." "But you know I'm never bringing a bill to the floor that doesn't have the votes. En ...

Senate parliamentarian rules against Dem amnesty push in reconciliation bill

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Democrats are seeking to pass the massive spending bill via the budget reconciliation process – which allows them to avoid a Senate filibuster and pass the legislation with just 50 stemme. 24 HOUSE REPUBLICANS URGE B...

Biden agenda in limbo amid ‘intensereconciliation talks, Dems allegedly holding infrastructure ‘hostage

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"It's gotten completely off the rails," Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan told Fox News. Hogan is a moderate who leads the group "No Labels," which worked with moderate Republicans and Democrats to push for the in...

Republicans may abandon infrastructure bill because Pelosi ‘linkedit with reconciliation: GOP Rep. Johnson

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"I think Nancy Pelosi did this whole process a real disservice by linking them together so strongly and she continues to do that. And that makes it very difficult to bring Republicans to the party," Dusty Johnson, R-...

Joe Manchin can’t seem to say how much he wants the reconciliation bill to cost

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Here's what Joe Manchin knows: There's no way, no how, that he is voting for the proposed $ 3.5 trillion reconciliation bill being pushed by Senate Democrats. Here's what Joe Manchin appears to have no clue about: ...

Economists urge Democratic leaders to pass immigration revamp in budget reconciliation bill

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A group of economists urged congressional leadership to add a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants to a budget reconciliation bill, arguing that it would bolster the US economy, according to a letter o...

Environmental groups ask Congress to fund billions of dollars in climate measures in reconciliation

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As Democratic lawmakers begin crafting a massive $ 3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package this week, a coalition of prominent environmental groups is asking them to include between $ 577 billion and $ 746 bil...

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