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Whole towns are refusing Covid-19 vaccines in Mexico

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For Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, vaccinating all Mexicans is a matter of responsible national health policy as well as social justice. "Vaccines will start arriving little by little," het hy gesê ...

Die tromspeler van die nageslag het die toer begin nadat hy geweier het teen die entstof teen die koronavirus, sê hy ly aan 'n seldsame toestand

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"Ek vind dit nie eties of wys om diegene met die meeste mag toe te laat nie (regering, korporasies, organisasies, werkgewers) om mediese prosedures voor te skryf aan diegene met die minste mag," skryf hy naby die middel van 'n 17...

German gas station clerk murdered after refusing service to man who wouldn’t wear COVID mask

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Authorities said that the shooter, a 49-year-old German man, told officers he acted "out of anger" after the 20-year-old clerk would not let him buy a beer. "He further stated during interrogation that he rejected th...

Woman carried by cops while seated from Texas school board meeting for refusing to wear mask, district says

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The woman arrived at the Northside Independent School District board meeting in San Antonio wearing a mask but took it off, district spokesman Barry Perez told Fox News. "The individual was asked by district officia...

Maine GOP lawmakers lose committee assignments for refusing to wear masks: ‘It’s a political game

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Republikeinse Rep. Laurel Libby released video earlier in the week of the confrontation between Capitol Police and a group of unmasked Republican lawmakers inside the Maine State House after the governor relaxed statewi...

Florida fire chief: I was fired for refusing to enforce ‘unlawful’ entstof mandaat

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"I was terminated a few days ago. I was trying to tell them that what they were doing – I was supposed to write people up --it was unlawful is essentially what happened," former Orange County Fire Rescue Battalion Ch...

Florida’s surgeon general told to leave meeting after refusing to wear a mask

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Florida Senate leader Wilton Simpson, 'n Republikein, sent a memo to senators Saturday regarding the incident at the office of Democratic state Sen. Tina Polsky, asking visitors at the building to be respectful with so...

Māori-wetgewer het die Nieu-Seelandse parlement uitgesit omdat hy geweier het om 'n 'koloniale strop te dra’

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Wellington, Nieu-Seeland 'n Nieu-Seelandse Maori-leier wat vandeesweek uit die parlement uitgesit is omdat hy geweier het om 'n stropdas in die kamer te dra, het gesê dat hy hom tot 'n Westerse kleredrag gedwing het, en dat dit 'n oortreding van sy regte was..

Oklahoma teachers fired for refusing to wear masks: ‘Never thought this would happen’ in Amerika

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After those teachers struck back with a lawsuit against the district, three of them shared their story Friday on "jakkals & Vriende eers." "It was not about the mask. It was never about the mask. It was always about...

Australian state could fire more than 40 police staff for refusing a Covid-19 vaccine

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N somtotaal van 43 police staff in the Australian state of Victoria have been stood down from duty and could face being fired after they failed to comply with a Covid-19 vaccine mandate, Victoria Police said. Under Victo...

Trump condemns ‘all White supremacistsafter refusing to do so at presidential debate

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Washington President Donald Trump condemned "all White supremacists" Thursday evening after pointedly refusing to do so at Tuesday's presidential debate and in the days since. "I condemn the KKK, I condemn all White...

153 Houston Methodist employees resign or are fired after refusing to get Covid-19 vaccine, amptenaar sê

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Meer as 150 Houston Methodist Hospital employees were officially out of a job Tuesday, 10 days after a judge dismissed a lawsuit against the hospital by employees who opposed a Covid-19 vaccine mandate as a condit...

Washington State head football coach ousted after refusing Covid-19 vaccine

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Washington State University's head football coach, Nick Rolovich, and four assistant coaches are losing their jobs because of not complying with the state's Covid-19 vaccine mandate, the university's athletics depar...

Colorado judge finds Christian baker broke state discrimination law by refusing to bake a birthday cake for a trans woman

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A Colorado baker, who was the subject of a 2018 Supreme Court case for refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding, has violated state discrimination laws in another case, a Denver district court has found. A jud...

MSNBC anchor says NYPD officers refusing vaccine are putting on ‘a show for attention

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Ruhle retweeted a photo of a massive line of police officers preparing to call in sick in protest of the mandate to be vaccinated against COVID-19 on Monday. She stated that the image was not a protest but rather a "...

Marine Corps discharges 103 service members for refusing Covid-19 vaccine

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Washington, DC The Marine Corps has discharged 103 service members for refusing to take the Covid-19 vaccine, as the military begins carrying out enforcement actions for its vaccine mandate. As of this week, 95% van ...

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