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Colorado nurse ‘heartbrokenover losing job after refusing COVID vaccination

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Destiny Carpenter said her last shift was on Sept. 13 at Colorado Canyons Hospital after she was informed she would have to get vaccinated by the end of the month. Carpenter said her boss approached her earlier this...

German gas station clerk murdered after refusing service to man who wouldn’t wear COVID mask

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Authorities said that the shooter, a 49-year-old German man, told officers he acted "out of anger" after the 20-year-old clerk would not let him buy a beer. "He further stated during interrogation that he rejected th...

Woman carried by cops while seated from Texas school board meeting for refusing to wear mask, district says

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The woman arrived at the Northside Independent School District board meeting in San Antonio wearing a mask but took it off, district spokesman Barry Perez told Fox News. "The individual was asked by district officia...

Hier is hoe u kan verhoed dat u kinders weier om skool toe te gaan

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Sielkundige John Duffy, skrywer van "Ouerskap van die nuwe tiener in die tyd van angs," praktyke in Chicago. Hy spesialiseer in werk met tieners, ouers, paartjies en gesinne. Kort na skool begin elke jaar, Ek r ...

Washington state man claims hospital refusing transplants to the unvaccinated

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Derek Kovick told host Tucker Carlson the University of Washington Medical Center is not permitting patients to remain on transplant lists if they refuse to get the jab. Carlson went on to point to reporting from Se...

Die tromspeler van die nageslag het die toer begin nadat hy geweier het teen die entstof teen die koronavirus, sê hy ly aan 'n seldsame toestand

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"Ek vind dit nie eties of wys om diegene met die meeste mag toe te laat nie (regering, korporasies, organisasies, werkgewers) om mediese prosedures voor te skryf aan diegene met die minste mag," skryf hy naby die middel van 'n 17...

Texas Democrats in DC is a ‘super-spreader,’ doctor says Psaki ‘refusing to acknowledge a medical reality

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And the White House is wrestling the idea that their lobbying efforts might have created a coronavirus super-spreader event. The group of state lawmakers flew in to Washington, D.C., last week in order to lobby the S...

Pirro ontplof DHS’ Mayorkas weier Kubaanse vlugtelinge: Hy weet 'hulle sal waarskynlik Republikein stem’

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Mayorkas het die waarskuwing Dinsdag aan inwoners van Kuba uitgereik, asook Haïti, where the government in Port-au-Prince has been destabilized by the assassination of President Jovenel Moise. "The time is never right to at...

Team USA gold medal favorite is refusing vaccination ahead of Olympic Games

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The event is set to start on July 23, with no spectators planned to attend the event due to an ongoing spike in COVID cases challenging Tokyo. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Impressing his team with a nea...

Verpleegster ontslaan omdat hy COVID-entstof geweier het: ‘Ons het so hard gewerk…en hulle skop ons toe’

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Jennifer Bridges, 'n geregistreerde verpleegster wat die hoofaanklaer is in die saak teen die Houston Methodist Hospital, het gesê haar direkteur het haar Dinsdag gebel om te vra of sy nog die entstof gekry het of 'n poging aangewend het om dit te doen..

153 Houston Methodist employees resign or are fired after refusing to get Covid-19 vaccine, amptenaar sê

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Meer as 150 Houston Methodist Hospital employees were officially out of a job Tuesday, 10 days after a judge dismissed a lawsuit against the hospital by employees who opposed a Covid-19 vaccine mandate as a condit...

Colorado judge finds Christian baker broke state discrimination law by refusing to bake a birthday cake for a trans woman

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A Colorado baker, who was the subject of a 2018 Supreme Court case for refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding, has violated state discrimination laws in another case, a Denver district court has found. A jud...

Maine GOP lawmakers lose committee assignments for refusing to wear masks: ‘It’s a political game

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Republikeinse Rep. Laurel Libby released video earlier in the week of the confrontation between Capitol Police and a group of unmasked Republican lawmakers inside the Maine State House after the governor relaxed statewi...

Activists allegedly refusing to leave George Floyd Square after Chauvin verdict, call for demands to be met

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The group of protesters who have taken up an area surrounding the intersection of 38th Street and Chicago Avenue – now known as George Floyd Square – wrote on Twitter late Wednesday that they will continue to hold th...

Joe Concha rips media for refusing to call Minnesota unrest ‘rioting

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BROADCAST NETWORKS AVOID CALLING CHAOS IN MINNESOTA A ‘RIOT,’ OPTING FOR SOFTER TERMS JOE CONCHA: Maybe we have to come to some sort of compromise here, you know maybe we could call them mostly peaceful riots. Would ...

New Hampshire track coach fired for refusing to make athletes wear masks speaks out on ‘Tucker

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In an email to Pembroke Academy athletic director Fred Vezina, Bradley Keyes called the decision to require masks during events "senseless, irrational, cowardice buls---" "I will not stand up in front of the kids and...