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NY Times op-ed warns that ‘fantasies of regime changecan lead to war with Russia

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"Nuclear weapons are discussed in easy tones, not least on Russian television. The risk of cities being reduced to corium remains low without NATO deployment in Ukraine, but accident and miscalculation cannot be disc...

Lithuanian foreign minister says Putin and Russian regime must be removed to stop ‘warmongering

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Washington Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said the removal of not only Vladimir Putin, but the entire regime that supports him, is necessary to stop Russia's "warmongering" and predicted the Kreml...

Kamala Harris distances herself from Biden remark calling for Putin’s removal: ‘We are not into regime change

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Biden generated international headlines after his speech in Warsaw, Pole, when he told the world in what apparently was an off-script remark that Putin "cannot remain in power." KAMALA HARRIS PANNED FOR OFFERING ‘...

Tulsi Gabbard: Biden’s regime change comment reveals his true ‘objectivesfor Putin

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Gabbard, a 2020 presidential candidate and U.S. military reservist, pointed to Biden's speech in Warsaw on Saturday where he appeared to call for a new regime in Russia, declaring at the time that President Vladimir ...

Biden asserts people like Putin ‘shouldn’t be ruling countries,’ but US policy is not regime change

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Biden was asked by several reporters at the White House Monday to address his comment, "For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power," made at the conclusion of a Saturday speech in front of the Royal Castle in Wa...

Biden’s ‘regime changespeech worsens Russia-Ukraine crisis, disappoints allies

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"He was not discussing Putin’s power or regime change," a White House official said. Video Too late. With that remark, Amerikaanse. relations with Russia plunged into the deep freeze. President John F. Kennedy never said t...

US ambassador to NATO cleans up Biden’s remarks, says ‘US does not have a policy of regime change in Russia’

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The Biden administration has been forced to walk back the president’s comments in Warsaw that seemed to call for regime change in Russia, declaring that Russian President Vladimir Putin "cannot remain in power." WHIT...

Navalny reacts to 9-year sentence calling on Russian supporters to act against Putin regime ‘war criminals

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"I am very grateful to everyone for their support. En, ouens, I want to say: the best support for me and other political prisoners is not sympathy and kind words, but actions," Navalny said in a message shared on his...

Former DNI rips Biden on Iran Deal: He’s willing to sit down and deal with a ‘terrorist regime

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JOHN RATCLIFFE: Joe Biden doesn't want to face the progressive left that won't let him go back on the policies that have taken away American energy independence, have strengthened Russia … part of this Iranian nuclea...

Blinken says US not seeking regime change in Russia

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"In any event, it’s not up to us," he told the BBC from Brussels. "The Russian people need to decide their leadership. They need to decide whether the leaders that are there are actually advancing and representing th...

Eksklusief: Top water official says megadrought is forcing government to operate ‘in a completely different regime

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As the American West continues into its 22nd year of a parching megadrought, officials at the federal government's top water resource management agency are trying to plan for an uncertain and unprecedented time for ...

Assad se regime staan ​​tereg vir misdade teen die mensdom. Die hof gaan oor die meeste senior amptenare nog beslis

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Koblenz, Duitsland 'n Duitse hof gaan Donderdag uitspraak lewer oor die saak van 'n Siriese kolonel wat daarvan beskuldig word dat hy misdade teen die mensdom gepleeg het., in die eerste martelverhoor ooit teen president Bashar al-Assad se regime. 'N ...

Nicaraguaanse ballinge blameer Ortega-regime vir aanvalle en dreigemente, aangesien die sterkman 'n vyfde ampstermyn verseker

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Die man se stem bewe terwyl hy praat, staan ​​in die middel van 'n oop veld in die suide van Nicaragua. Hy was gespanne, ten spyte van die koel briesie en die middel van die oggend sonskyn. As enige van sy regeringskollegas geweet het hy was ...

Ben Domenech: Why does US persist as extreme abortion regime as rest of world wakes up to moral reality?

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It might surprise you to know this. You certainly won’t hear it from anyone on any other network. But that supposedly extreme Mississippi law headed for the Supreme Court, which would block most abortions after 15 w ...

Die Withuis sê dat Biden se voorstelle aan Noord -Korea deur Kim geïgnoreer is terwyl die regime missieltoetse voortgaan

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Jen Psaki, perssekretaris van die Withuis, is gevra vir die reaksie van die administrasie op Noord -Korea se tweede missieltoets binne 'n week, sowel as verslae dat die land begin om direkte kommunikasie met Sout te heropen..

Cuban defector details life under communist regime, warns against US embracing of socialism

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Robert Quintana, who defected from Cuba nearly six decades ago after the Cuban military confiscated his home and all of his family's possessions, joined host Tomi Lahren in a new episode of Fox Nation's "No Interrupt...

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