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Brazil’s Bolsonaro says he regrets Covid-19 deaths, but aims to host Copa America

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Sao Paulo Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Tuesday confirmed his intention to host the Copa America tournament in Brazil, despite the country's ongoing struggles with Covid-19. "On what is up to the federal gov...

Jillian Michaels regrets bringing up Lizzo’s weight, but stands by obesity criticism

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In the months since publicly criticizing the curvaceous "Cuz I Love You" crooner’s weight, Michaels, 47, is standing by her statements against praising overly plump bodies. But she wishes Lizzo, 33, wasn’t caught in...

Fisher Stevens regrets ‘Short Circuitrole where he played an Indian character: ‘It definitely haunts me

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Stevens, who was born in Chicago, plays Ben Jabituya in the science fiction comedy about two scientists whose advanced robot gains sentience. While the Johnny 5 robot character is still revered as a staple of 1980s c...