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What you should know about ghost guns, ahead of Biden’s expected announcement on new regulations

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President Joe Biden will announce on Monday new steps aimed at regulating so-called "pistole fantasma," as use of the untraceable, homemade weapons in violent crimes rises. Ghost guns are one of many issues facing regula...

Department of Education ‘waging war’ on charter schools with new regulations, school choice advocate says

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The rule would tighten requirements on charter schools seeking seed money, like proving that there's a demand for a new school and showing how they would ensure diversity. There would also be restrictions on how much...

[object Window],’ [object Window] — Tempi di Londra

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Tempi di Londra, Tempi di Londra, Tempi di Londra "Tempi di Londra" Tempi di Londra. Tempi di Londra.

Ernst accuses Biden of using enviro policy as ‘smokescreen’ for regulations, introduces bill for EPA oversight

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HOUSE REPUBLICANS DEMAND ANSWERS FROM ENVIRONMENTAL GROUPS OVER ALLEGATION OF COLLUSION WITH RUSSIA Ernst, who sits on the Senate Environment and Public Works (EPW) Comitato, hopes the new bill will increase oversig...

Biden administration rolls out new regulations and funding for cleaner trucks and buses

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The Biden administration is rolling out more stringent emissions standards for heavy-duty vehicles like large trucks and buses and announcing more than $ 1.3 billion in funding to deploy more clean transportation a...

New federal regulations make it easier to build and buy classic car replicas

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The Nationa Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has finally put the stipulations of a law passed in 2015 into effect that will make it easier to build and buy new replicas of classic cars. Superfo...

DC bar co-owner defiant against COVID regulations speaks out after liquor license suspended

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The co-owner, Eric Flannery, spoke out about the regulations on "L'angolo di Ingraham" Lunedi. Host Laura Ingraham said, "Canada's COVID tyranny is spread south of the border to D.C." She then asked Flannery why he re...

L'allevatore di quarta generazione mette in guardia contro i problemi economici, le normative sul cambiamento climatico potrebbero porre fine alle aziende agricole familiari

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"Siamo stati attaccati nel settore lattiero-caseario per un po' di tempo ormai," Stephanie Nash ha detto a Fox News. "Invece di educare le persone attraverso l'agricoltore, li stiamo educando attraverso persone che non hanno mai coltivato e stiamo uccidendo...

International Handball Federation changes ‘sexistuniform regulations following criticism

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The International Handball Federation has changed its much-criticized uniform regulations for beach handball, meaning female players will now wear shorts instead of bikini bottoms. The change comes after the Norwegi...

Alec Baldwin shooting highlights lack of uniform safety regulations on sets across the country

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Although the industry standard across the board seems to be to treat weapons — even those loaded with blanks — as lethal, shootings and deaths have nevertheless happened, the most recent being the death of Halyna Hut...

Biden’s climate targets are possible without clean energy program, but will need tax credits and regulations

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Even if Democrats' cornerstone climate policy -- a clean electricity program -- is stripped out of their budget bill, an independent analysis estimates President Joe Biden can still meet his climate goals. But it wo...

La Florida si rivolge alla Corte Suprema sui regolamenti Covid-19 per le navi da crociera

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Venerdì il procuratore generale della Florida ha chiesto alla Corte suprema di intervenire in caso di emergenza per bloccare i protocolli Covid-19 messi in atto dai Centri per il controllo e la prevenzione delle malattie che richiedono alle compagnie di crociera di ...

Couple gets married on flight, gets in trouble for breaking COVID regulations

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Durante l'ultimo anno, couples looking to get married have had to get creative due to various restrictions the coronavirus lockdowns have brought on. One couple in India may have thought that they found a good loophole...

I reali britannici accusati di aver infranto i regolamenti sul coronavirus durante la gita in famiglia

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Membri della famiglia reale britannica sono stati fotografati apparentemente in violazione delle normative britanniche sul coronavirus durante una gita in un parco a Sandringham, Inghilterra. I reali, compreso il Duca e la Duchessa di Cambridge e ...

Washington Post e New York Times: L'EPA rifiuta di adottare regolamenti più severi sulla fuliggine

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Washington La Environmental Protection Agency lunedì ha rifiutato di adottare regolamenti più severi sull'inquinamento da particolato, andando contro la raccomandazione dei propri scienziati di implementare standard più severi, acc ...