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Le ceneri: Australia and England look to put off-field problems to one side as fierce rivalry reignites

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Australia and England take to the field for the first Test on Wednesday of the highly-anticipated Ashes series, with both teams burdened by off-pitch scandals in recent weeks. Considered by some the pinnacle of cric...

Il Dixie Fire riaccende il trauma per le persone sopravvissute all'incendio più mortale della storia della California

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Quando Jessica Roberts ha sentito che un incendio è divampato a circa quattro miglia da dove è iniziato il fuoco di campo... 2018, è stata catapultata di nuovo nell'esperienza più traumatica della sua vita. Il Dixie Fire è il più grande della California...

Scottie Pippen reignites Charles Barkley feud: ‘He plays his role like he’s tough

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Pippen began to rift on what it means to be great in the NBA. He told GQ Magazine in an interview published Thursday that Barkley’s name isn’t synonymous with winning in the league – only when his name comes up with ...

‘In the Heightsreignites long-standing conversations about colorism in the Latinx community

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Franceli Chapman knows what Washington Heights looks like. The uptown Manhattan neighborhood where Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical "In the Heights" takes place is where Chapman, an Afro-Latina actress with roots in the...

Daunte Wright’s death reignites ‘Defund the Police’ movimento

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Multiple progressive activists, politicians and groups have renewed their demands to cut police funding after Wright was shot during a traffic stop. Our Revolution — a spinoff of Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential cam...

Queen leaves castle for first in-person engagement this year as debate over abolishing the monarchy reignites in Australia

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A version of this story appeared in the April 2 edizione di Royal News della CNN, a new weekly dispatch bringing you the inside track on the royal family, what they are up to in public and what's happening behind palace w...