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Israel and the Kingdom of Bahrain to establish ‘full diplomatic relations,’ Trump says

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President Donald Trump announced that Israel and the Kingdom of Bahrain have agreed to the "establishment of full diplomatic relations," in a joint statement tweeted out by the President on Friday. The announcement...

Glenn Greenwald: Supporting US-Russia relations should not be viewed as a sign you’re a “spy for the Kremlin”

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GREENWALD: The relationship between the U.S. and Russia is clearly at its low point since any time at least since the Cold War, there is little doubt about that. The reason I think is twofold. One is that during ‘Rus...

Jared Kushner launches group to promote relations between Arab states and Israel

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los "Abraham Accords Institute for Peace" will focus on bolstering relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Bahrain and Sudan. Kushner, who is married to Ivanka Trump, had a heavy hand in draft...

Newt Gingrich: Biden-Putin summit – what Russian leader’s Soviet-KGB mindset means for relations with US

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I was on a congressional delegation visiting Moscow when Boris Yeltsin was president and the West had great hopes for a more open, democratic Russia. I went to see the then-vice president, who was an air force genera...

"Futuros del domingo por la mañana’ sobre la demanda de Trump a las Big Tech, Relaciones entre Estados Unidos y China

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MARIA BARTIROMO, ANCLA DE NOTICIAS DE FOX: Buenos domingos por la mañana, todos. Bienvenido a "Futuros del domingo por la mañana." Soy Maria Bartiromo, hoy, noticias de última hora, con el presidente Trump todavía luchando y recuperándose. La 45a pre ...

'El cinco’ sobre las relaciones entre Estados Unidos y China, mandatos de máscara

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LAWRENCE JONES, ANFITRIÓN DE NOTICIAS DE FOX: Hola, todos. Soy Lawrence Jones junto con Kat Timpf, Jessica Tarlov, El día McDowell, y Greg Gutfeld. Son las cinco en punto en la ciudad de Nueva York, y esto es The Five., El presidente Biden es ....

Graham, after meeting with Trump, says Russo-American relations won’t be the same post-Biden

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Graham dijo "Hannity" that both agreed President Biden has been a disaster as commander-in-chief, and that Russian President Vladimir Putin no longer fears a serious U.S. response to his geopolitical proclivities. "T ...