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Marine denied of religious exemption says DoD enforcing vax mandate ‘to the detriment of national defense

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Teniente. Columna. Scott Duncan is just one of the many aviators who was denied a religious exemption after the Department of Defense’s mandate on all active-duty service members went into effect on Nov. 28. If Duncan's appeal...

Gorsuch writes scathing dissent in church tax case, saying religious beliefs not subject to ‘verification

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"The First Amendment does not permit bureaucrats or judges to ‘subject’ religious beliefs 'to verification,'" Gorsuch wrote in his dissent released Tuesday. "About this, the Court has spoken plainly and consistently ...

Lindsey Graham calls Texas synagogue hostage situation part of a ‘religious war

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SU. LINDSEY GRAHAM: Conservatism is on the rise, liberalism is on the run. Y por qué es eso? The Taliban are now back in charge of Afghanistan. We've got the highest inflation in 40 años. We've had the most illegal ...

Arizona nurse fired over vaccine mandate citing religious reasons: It put my ‘faith on trial

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ARIZONA HOSPITAL'S ‘STAFFING CRISIS’ MEANS COVID-POSITIVE, SYMPTOMATIC EMPLOYEES PERMITTED TO WORK Kaitlin Elcock joined "zorro & Amigos primero" to discuss her termination from Mayo Clinic, alongside hundreds of he...

Biden showing ‘religious hostilitytoward SEALs at center of vax mandate suit: Attorney

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Michael Berry, an Afghan war veteran and general counsel for First Liberty Institute, dijo "La historia" in an exclusive interview that the written decision from the George W. Bush-appointed judge in the case was a pow...

Judge blocks Navy vaccine policy for legal challengers citing religious objections

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Washington A federal judge in Texas on Monday ruled against the Biden administration's vaccine requirement for members of the military in a decision that took aim at how the Navy's policies handled those who sought r...

Ice Cube claims Chris Tucker turned down $10-12M for ‘Fridaysequel due to ‘religious reasons

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los 1995 comedy about how the duo must come up with $ 200 they owe a local bully was a box office hit. It led to two sequels, 2000's "Next Friday" and 2002's "Friday After Next." sin embargo, the rapper and actor, who a...

Supreme Court should give parents more education and religious freedom

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From Boston to the Twin Cities to Seattle, public school systems are rapidly losing students. This is no case of the Pied Piper; the children haven’t disappeared. They’ve simply moved to greener pastures: public char...

Supreme Court hears appeal of Maine parents seeking to have state pay for religious schools

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The Supreme Court will return to the issue of religious liberty Wednesday and consider a Maine school tuition assistance program that parents say violates their religious rights under the First Amendment. The cas...

Biden’s HHS revokes certain faith-based exemptions, rolls back religious liberty enforcement

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La semana pasada, Fox News reported on HHS' interest in rescinding the Office of Civil Rights' (OCR) authority to enforce the First Amendment and Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), a landmark statute utilized in the ...

Liberal justices warn that guns, same-sex marriage and religious rights could face limits if Texas wins abortion case

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Justice Sonia Sotomayor warned that constitutional rights enshrined in Supreme Court decisions concerning gun rights, same-sex marriage, birth control and other contentious issues could be open to attack depending o...

Ataque con misiles contra mezquita y escuela religiosa mata y hiere 29 Civiles yemeníes, dice ministro

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Un ataque con misiles balísticos hutíes contra una mezquita y una escuela religiosa muere y resulta herido 29 civiles, incluyendo mujeres y niños, en la provincia yemení de Marib, dijo el ministro de información del país en un estado..

Los trabajadores de la salud del estado de Nueva York ya no tendrán una exención religiosa al mandato de la vacuna Covid-19, reglas de la corte

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Los trabajadores de la salud del estado de Nueva York ya no tendrán una exención religiosa al mandato de la vacuna Covid-19 del estado después de que una corte federal de apelaciones anuló una orden judicial temporal el viernes.. El panel de tres jueces en el ...

Washington State police couple lose jobs over vaccine mandate despite after religious exemptions pulled

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SEATTLE COPS AND FIREFIGHTERS FEED HOMELESS AFTER GETTING FIRED FOR REFUSING VACCINE "It's an argument about freedom, about constitutional rights and civil liberties, something that I've spent most of my adult life p...

NASA engineer of 37 years prepared to retire over vaccine mandate if religious exemption isn’t granted

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TEXAS WELES PATIENTS DENIED LIVESAVING ORGAN TRANSPLANTS IN COLORADO BECAUSE OF COVID VACCINATION STATUS "I believe my body is God's temple," Smith told co-host Brian Kilmeade. "All three of vaccine[s] use stem cell...

Lawyer for Navy SEALs: ‘Insanefor military not to approve religious exemptions to vaccine mandate

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NAVY SEALS SEEKING RELIGIOUS EXEMPTIONS TO VACCINE MANDATE FACING INTIMIDATION AND HARASSMENT, SOURCES SAY MIKE BERRY: Bien, it all starts with the U.S. Constitution and the First Amendment, the free exercise of reli...

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