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Lee Zeldin on migrants relocating to NY: We need a secure border, antwoorde

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MIDNIGHT RUNS: BIDEN SECRETLY FLYING UNDERAGE MIGRANTS INTO NY IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT LEE ZELDIN: …it was a secret. Some of these flights come in the middle of the night. There's no heads up. Now if you want to questio...

Tulane University relocating students to Houston due to power outages

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New Orleans Two Chicago-area freshmen, Lilly and McKenna, were on the Tulane campus for just a week when Hurricane Ida roared through and knocked out power to almost all of New Orleans. En op Dinsdag, with two pack...

Afghanistan evacuation: DHS to take lead on relocating Afghan citizens in US, Psaki sê

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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Friday announced the strategic pivot that places the DHS at the heart of a key operation in the final days of the long-winded withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Afghanist...

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot blasts Bears football team over relocating rumors

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Ligvoet, a self-declared "longtime" waaier, issued a statement slamming the announcement as just "noise." JAY CUTLER FEELING POSSIBLE NEUROLOGICAL EFFECTS OF PLAYING FOOTBALL: ‘CTE IS ING AT SOME POINT’ "The Bear...

‘Get Tammy Bruceon how MLB relocating All-Star game caused ‘extraordinarydevastation to Atlanta businesses

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"Great job, Demokrate. Great freaking job, Joe Biden," taunted Bruce. Her comments come on the heels of the MLB relocating the All-Star game to Denver, after Georgia passed a new law making voting guidelines more str...