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Oregon environmentalist George Atiyeh remains missing after wildfire destroys his home

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An Oregon environmentalist who fought to protect the pristine Opal Creek Wilderness has been missing since a devastating wildfire swept through his home in the Oregon woods last week. George Atiyeh, the 72-year-old ...

Melania Trump favorability remains same, according to new poll

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First lady Melania Trump's favorability rating remains at 47%, according to a new Gallup poll, and her unfavorable rating increased by seven points, aan 43%, following her Republican National Convention speech last m...

A man fell to his death while taking pictures on a cliff in Arizona. Authorities discovered other remains while recovering his body

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A 25-year-old man died on Sunday after falling off a cliff at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in Arizona, die Nasionale Parkdiens (NPS) gesê. While authorities were recovering the man's body, they also discov...

Remains of woman found in 1981 identified as victim of serial killer Samuel Little

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A cold case in Georgia has been solved. The remains of a woman found in Dade County almost 40 years ago have finally been identified. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says her name was Patricia Parker, and GBI in...

Remains of 59 bodies found in clandestine graves in Mexico

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Mexico City, MexicoThe remains of 59 bodies have been discovered in clandestine graves in a region of central Mexico that has suffered some of the highest levels of drug violence in recent years, national authorities...

Trump remains bunkered in the White House as the world spins on

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President Donald Trump's agenda listed "no public events" op Dinsdag -- the 10th time since the election that those words have appeared on his daily schedule. He has answered no questions from reporters, invited no ...

Police seek suspect after human remains discovered in rural southern Colorado

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Denver Colorado authorities have issued a warrant for homicide in connection with the discovery of human remains in rural southern Colorado, het die polisie Woensdag gesê. Local and state authorities announced they had found...

Colorado man arrested after human remains found

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A man sought by Colorado authorities after the discovery of human remains in a rural southern part of the state was arrested in New Mexico, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation said. Adre Baroz, 26, from Sanford, C ...

FDA chief meets with Meadows again as Trump remains frustrated with pace of vaccine approval

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Embattled Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Stephen Hahn met with White House chief of staff Mark Meadows for second day in a row on Wednesday as President Donald Trump remains frustrated no Covid-19 vaccine...

Attorney general remains key spot to fill in Biden Cabinet, with Doug Jones seen as a leading contender

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As President-elect Joe Biden formally introduces his defense secretary nominee Wednesday, the role of attorney general remains the biggest outstanding position in the Cabinet yet to be named. Three leading contender...

Democrats want Pete Buttigieg to land a Cabinet post. Which one remains the question

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Democrats want Pete Buttigieg to get a post in President-elect Joe Biden's incoming administration. But an actual spot for someone seen as a rising star in the party has proved more elusive. Where the former South B...

Foetale oorskot word gevind tydens opknappingswerk aan 'n huis in Suid-Carolina

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Foetale oorskot is in 'n muur gevind tydens die opknapping van 'n huis in Suid-Carolina, het die lykskouer Maandag gesê, en voeg by dat dit moontlik was dat hulle daar was "vir 'n lang tydperk." Die kantoor van die lykskouer is kennis geneem ...

Domestic violent extremism remains a concern for Super Bowl security this weekend

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Domestic terrorism remains a concern for law enforcement heading into Super Bowl weekend, Department of Homeland Security Acting Deputy Secretary David Pekoske said as officials aimed to assure the public that the g...

Human remains found inside crocodile, amid hunt for missing fisherman

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Authorities investigating the disappearance of a fisherman in Queensland, Australië, have found human remains inside a crocodile. Andrew Heard, 69, set out to fish near Hinchinbrook Island on Thursday but didn't ret...

Missing teen girl’s remains found more than 7 years after her disappearance

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After nearly seven years of searching, the remains of missing 17-year old Virginia teen have been located and recovered, according to the Nelson County Sheriff's Office. Alexis Tiara Murphy left her Shipman, Virgin...

Alexey Navalny bly in die tronk nadat die appèlhof in Moskou tronkstraf bevestig het

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Alexey Navalny, kritikus in die Kremlin, sal agter tralies bly nadat 'n Russiese hof sy appèl gedeeltelik van die hand gewys het oor 'n gevangenisstraf van twee en 'n half jaar wat vroeër vandeesmaand opgelê is. Die hof het die aktivis wel verkort..

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