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CSX-trein ontspoor in Georgië na swaar reën van oorblyfsels van die orkaan Delta

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'N CSX-trein het in Lilburn ontspoor, Georgië, Sondagoggend vroeg na swaar reën van die orkes van die orkaan Delta, volgens die brand- en nooddienste van Gwinnett County. Brandbestryders het gereageer op die trai ...

Stranderosie deur die tropiese storm Eta het oorblyfsels van 'n skipbreuk uit die 1800's in Florida opgegrawe

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Nadat die tropiese storm Eta vroeër vandeesmaand deur Noord-Florida gevee het, 'n strandganger het 'n ontdekking gemaak terwyl hy op die oewer in St.. Augustinus. Wat Mark O'Donoghue raaksien deur die sandduine van Cre ...

Remnants of Hurricane Grace may bring flooding to central Mexico

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Remnants of Hurricane Grace, which slammed into Mexico as a Category 3 hurricane Saturday morning, may bring flash floods and mudslides to the central part of the country, according to the National Hurricane Center....

Remnants of Hurricane Ida bring flooding and tornados to the northeast

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At 5pm ET, the post-tropical cyclone was about 30 miles south of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, which had one of the wettest days on record Wednesday with 5.6 inches of rain. A similar scene played out in western Maryla...

Ida remnants bring death, destruction to Northeast, days after storm slammed Gulf Coast

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The fatalities and damage occurred three days after Ida blasted into the Gulf Coast region Sunday as a hurricane with winds of more than 170 myl per uur. Floodwaters in the Jamaica neighborhood of New York City's ...

Ida remnants cause ‘crazy weatherat US Open

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The roof at Louis Armstrong Stadium was no match for the elements as rain and wind were still able to make it through and affect the crowds and the play. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . The National Weath...

Ida remnants shift over New England, heavy rain threat moves to Midwest

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IDA REMNANTS BRING DEATH, DESTRUCTION TO NORTHEAST, DAYS AFTER STORM SLAMMED GULF COAST Showers and thunderstorms will move into parts of the Upper Midwest and the Plains states. Some areas of flash flooding will b...

Tropical Cyclone Nicholas remnants pose heavy rain, flood threats

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Moisture will target portions of the Tennessee and lower Ohio valleys and the southern Appalachians. Daarbenewens, some onshore winds off the Southeast coast will bring more moisture to the system, supporting heavy...