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eBay removes a listing selling art created in a Japanese American concentration camp

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At first glance, the drawings seem innocuous. Each of the 20 black and white sketches artfully depicts a natural landscape. Pine trees and mountains set against a bright orb in the sky. Cartoonish leaves splayed out...

UC Berkeley removes the name on a school building over an anthropologist’s controversial past

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Die Universiteit van Kalifornië, Berkeley has removed the name on its anthropology building, Kroeber Hall -- named for prominent American anthropologist Alfred Kroeber -- because of his controversial history with Nativ...

Boston removes statue of former slave kneeling before President Lincoln after 141 jare

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A Boston statue depicting a formerly enslaved man kneeling beneath President Abraham Lincoln was removed Tuesday morning, according to the mayor's office. Die "Emancipation Group" statue has stood in Park Square si...

Virginia Military Institute verwyder standbeeld van die Konfederale generaal ‘Stonewall’ Jackson

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Die Virginia Military Institute het Maandag 'n standbeeld van Thomas J verwyder. "Stonewall 'Jackson, die Gekonfedereerde generaal en voormalige VMI-professor wie se teenwoordigheid meer as 'n eeu lank oor die kaserne van die instituut gedreig het. A ...

The UN removes cannabis from a list of the most dangerous substances

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A United Nations commission has voted to remove cannabis from a list that categorized it as one of the most dangerous drugs -- a move that recognizes the plant as having medicinal value. The UN Commission on Narcoti...

Fairfax County removes Confederate monuments that long stood outside its courthouse

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A collection of Confederate monuments, markers and weaponry that has long stood outside the courthouse in Fairfax County, Virginia, is no longer on display. Fairfax County Commissioner Jeff McKay confirmed the count...

Hierdie man uit Florida het 'n robot uitgevind wat u kontaklense vir u insit en verwyder

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Na jare van swak sig, oog stremming, verlies aan sig en probleme met kontaklense, Craig Hershoff het 'n robot uitgevind wat hy hoop mense met behendigheidskwessies sal help om hul kontaklense in te voeg en te verwyder..

Charlotte removes the name of a white supremacist North Carolina governor from a branch library

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The public library system in Charlotte, Noord-Carolina, is renaming one of its branches that was named after a former state governor with ties to a white supremacy group. Library officials conducted an audit of its ...

Federal judge removes acting Bureau of Land Management director after finding he has served unlawfully for 424 dae

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Washington A federal judge on Friday ordered acting Bureau of Land Management Director William Perry Pendley to step aside, blocking him from exercising any more authority after finding that he has served unlawfully ...