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Nashville renames street after drag queen in move city leaders say is a first in the US

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Nashville is celebrating Pride Month with a new street name that honors a drag queen who was a longtime performer in the city. Part of Carney Street is now named Bianca Paige Way after a dedication Saturday, CNN aff...

rappresentante. Waltz joins censure against Omar and ‘The Squad’; renames far-left lawmakers ‘The Hamas Caucus

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WALTZ: Bene, we are censuring her and the squad, we renamed them the ‘Hamas Caucus’ because this isn’t a one-off, this is a series of statements. I will remind everyone that Ms. Omar was formally censured in 2019, th ...

Università del Tennessee, Knoxville, rinomina 2 dormitori per i leader dei diritti civili neri

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Due dormitori presso l'Università del Tennessee, Knoxville, ora porterà i nomi di due leader neri per i diritti civili nello stato "la cui lotta per l'equità e la giustizia sociale ha trasformato il sistema di istruzione superiore dello Stato ...

Lo stato indiano rinomina il frutto del drago per evitare l'associazione con la Cina

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Lo stato indiano del Gujarat ha deciso di cambiare il nome del frutto del drago, sostenendo che il nome originale era associato alla Cina, che ha attirato la derisione dell'opposizione del paese mercoledì. "Il gujarat gove ...

University of Utah settles with family of murdered student Lauren McCluskey and renames its violence prevention center in her honor

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The University of Utah has settled two lawsuits with the parents of Lauren McCluskey, a 21-year-old student who was killed by an ex-boyfriend she had complained about to police more than 20 volte. McCluskey's body w...