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‘Allen v. Farrowrenews questions about Woody Allen, and separating art from the artist

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Woody Allen didn't cooperate with "Allen v. Farrow," a four-part HBO docuseries that goes beyond tabloid headlines in examining the director's relationship with Mia Farrow and sexual-assault allegations by their dau...

Trump administration renews push to confirm Wolf amid concerns over legitimacy and agency purge

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There's a renewed push to get Chad Wolf confirmed as Homeland Security secretary -- a position in which he's been serving in an acting capacity for a year -- before Inauguration Day, according to two sources familia...

Melania Trump renews focus on ex-friend with essay railing against ‘pettiness

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Washington First lady Melania Trump penned an essay on the White House website on Friday that railed against what she described as the "pettiness" of the media and ex-friend and former adviser Stephanie Winston Wolko...

Trump administration renews push for nuclear arms agreement with Russia before election

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Washington and Moscow With only weeks to go until the general election, the Trump administration is renewing a push to finalize a nuclear agreement with Moscow, hoping that a deal may force China to reconsider its po...