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New York City high schools to reopen for in-person learning on March 22

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New York City's public high schools will reopen for in-person learning on March 22 the city's Department of Education said Monday, the final group of the largest school district in the country to be welcomed back to...

Trucks pile up in England as UK and France hold crisis talks to reopen border

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Dover, England Britain was cut off from Europe for a second day Tuesday. Más que 1,500 trucks remained stranded in southeastern England after France closed the border over fears of a potentially more contagious cor...

Stefanik and Daines demand Pelosi, Schumer advance bill to reopen Canadian border as Biden keeps it closed

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Daines, R-Mont., and Stefanik, R-N.Y., said they "urge immediate action" on the bill "to reopen the U.S. – Canada border for non-essential travel and revitalize American jobs and tourism." "It is past time for Congre...

Los migrantes podrían convertirse en los nuevos chivos expiatorios de Covid cuando las fronteras de Europa se vuelvan a abrir

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Con el lanzamiento de vacunas en Europa avanzando lentamente, La atención se centra en lo que sucederá cuando se vuelvan a abrir las fronteras del continente.. Donde este debate podría volverse particularmente tenso es en el espinoso tema de la migración.. ...

France says it will reopen UK borderwith conditions

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France and the UK moved closer to a deal on Tuesday that would allow some personal travel and thousands of stalled freight trucks to resume movement between both countries. A communique by French Prime Minister Jean...

White House says teacher vaccinations are ‘not a requirement to reopen

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White House officials affirmed Wednesday that they do not believe teacher vaccinations should be mandatory for schools to reopen, though they do agree teachers should be prioritized like frontline workers. Presiden...

Amy Poehler doesn’t know if UCB will reopen

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Amy Poehler is unsure about the future of the Upright Citizens Brigade, the improv theater she co-founded. "What we said in our statement was true, cual es, we were trying to own up to the things we did wrong or d...

El sindicato de maestros de Los Ángeles aprueba el plan para reabrir las escuelas públicas en abril

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Mientras los distritos escolares de todo el país luchan por encontrar formas de devolver a los estudiantes al aula, Las escuelas públicas de Los Ángeles reabrirán para recibir instrucción en persona en abril según un plan aprobado por el maestro..

Newsom dice que California 'reabrirá por completo’ en Junio 15

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Reabrir completamente no significa que el gobernador eliminará el requisito de la máscara.. Newsom dijo en un comunicado que un mes de junio 15 La fecha de reapertura dependerá de si hay suficiente suministro de vacunas para todos. 16 y sobre quien es ...

Biden administration confronts regulatory maze and hazy messaging in push to reopen schools

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President Joe Biden's promise to try to open schools within his first 100 days has become one of most vexing puzzles facing the new administration, leading to confusion and anger among parents who still aren't getti...

Mientras un distrito escolar de Virginia se prepara para reabrir, los educadores y las familias equilibran las precauciones de Covid y la instrucción normal

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Rose Moore se para frente a un salón de clases., capacitar a un maestro sobre tecnología y seguridad para el aprendizaje en persona. Es la 44a vez que el subdirector de Holmes Middle School en el condado de Fairfax, Virginia, tiene d ...

Homeschooling spike expected to continue during COVID-19 pandemic, even as schools reopen

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The number of students being homeschooled has nearly doubled since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The National Home Education Research Institutes estimates about 5 million students were homeschooling in March 20...

NYC’s Madison Square Garden to reopen with mega Foo Fighters concert

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The Foo Fighters are hitting the stage at Madison Square Garden later this month to kick off the iconic venue's reopening. The event will take place June 20 and mark the first time the venue has had a concert since...

NBC medical analyst claims businesses can’t fully reopen without ‘vaccine verification’

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Gupta made the argument during an appearance on MSNBC's "Buenos días Joe," saying that businesses should have the ability to refuse service to anyone who cannot show proof that they've been vaccinated. Host Joe Scarborou...

Schools reopen with masks optional in many US classrooms

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Georgia, like most states, is leaving it up to local schools to decide whether to require face coverings. And 43,000-student Henry County, like many districts worn out by months of conflict over masks, has decided no...

Conservative groups urge NJ and Virginia to ‘fully reopen schools now’

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The State Government Leadership Foundation (SGLF) and N2 America are teaming up to launch digital ads in both states as part of their ongoing six-figure "Let Kids Learn" ad campaign. "How is it possible that some kid...

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