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ガントーティング, ガントーティング: ルビオ

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ITS. マルコ・ルビオ: 上手, ガントーティング. ヨーロッパも同じ決断をしました. ヨーロッパも同じ決断をしました. ヨーロッパも同じ決断をしました, ヨーロッパも同じ決断をしました ...

シカゴの学校は、組合間で合意に達した後、再開されます, 市

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"交渉のテーブルで生産的な一日を過ごした後, 報告させていただきます, CTUは作業停止を終了します," 市長がツイートした. "CPS [シカゴ公立学校] 両方の交渉チームがテーブルに素晴らしい提案をします。.

米国教育長官は「道路のでこぼこ」について警告します’ Covidの急増の中で学校が再開するにつれて

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ワシントン, DCがあります "道路のでこぼこ" Covid-19の症例が記録的に急増する中、学校は新年に再開を試みます。, 米国教育長官のミゲル・カルドナは日曜日に言った. カルドナ, Fox NewsSuで話す。.

Brad Pitt to reopen storied French recording studio famed for Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’

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ザ・ "Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood" 俳優, 57, is set to reopen Miraval Studios – a storied recording space created French jazzman Jacques Loussier in 1977 but has gone unutilized on the 1,000-acre Château Miraval s...

Qatar says it’s not clear when Kabul airport will reopen

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In the wake of their rapid takeover, the Taliban have sought to calm those fears, including pledging to let women and girls attend school and allow people to travel freely. But many are skeptical, and Britain’s forei...

Stefanik and Daines demand Pelosi, Schumer advance bill to reopen Canadian border as Biden keeps it closed

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Daines, R-Mont., and Stefanik, R-N.Y。, said they "urge immediate action" on the bill "to reopen the U.S. – Canada border for non-essential travel and revitalize American jobs and tourism." "It is past time for Congre...

COVID-19パンデミックの間もホームスクーリングの急増が続くと予想される, 学校が再開しても

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COVID-19パンデミックが始まって以来、ホームスクーリングを受けている生徒の数はほぼ2倍になっています。. 国立家庭教育研究所は約 5 3月には100万人の学生がホームスクーリングをしていました 20...

Schools reopen with masks optional in many US classrooms

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ジョージア, like most states, is leaving it up to local schools to decide whether to require face coverings. And 43,000-student Henry County, like many districts worn out by months of conflict over masks, has decided no...

China’s borders will likely remain shut for months, but some may be wary of visiting even after they reopen

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この物語のバージョンは、CNNの一方の中国のニュースレターに掲載されました, 国の台頭とそれが世界に与える影響について知っておくべきことを探る週3回の更新. ここでサインアップ. 先週, th ...

Canada surpasses US vaccination rate as country prepares to reopen its borders

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Ottawa Canada notched a significant milestone this weekend, fully vaccinating about 50% of its population and surpassing the US vaccination rate for Covid-19. According to Health Canada, ほぼ 70% of Canadians have ...

Randi Weingarten faces backlash for claiming AFT tried to reopen schools starting April 2020

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"We tried to reopen schools safely since April 2020…" Weingarten wrote in response to an anonymous Twitter user. "It makes me sick that the same people who are responsible for severely long and short-term harming ki...

NYC’s Madison Square Garden to reopen with mega Foo Fighters concert

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The Foo Fighters are hitting the stage at Madison Square Garden later this month to kick off the iconic venue's reopening. The event will take place June 20 and mark the first time the venue has had a concert since...

NY gyms fully reopen, but getting people back is a ‘different story

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CHARLES CASSARA: We're back in the technical sense that we're allowed to be 100 percent capacity, masks are coming off. But as far as getting people to come back, that's a different story. ... They released new CD...

Homeland Security warns of ‘heightened threat environmentas eased COVID-19 restrictions reopen public spaces

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"Violent extremists may seek to exploit the easing of COVID-19-related restrictions across the United States to conduct attacks against a broader range of targets after previous public capacity limits reduced opportu...

NBC medical analyst claims businesses can’t fully reopen without ‘vaccine verification’

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Gupta made the argument during an appearance on MSNBC's "モーニングジョー," saying that businesses should have the ability to refuse service to anyone who cannot show proof that they've been vaccinated. Host Joe Scarborou...

その. ケネディからバイデンへ: 教師組合に立ち向かい、学校を完全に再開する

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ITS. ジョン・ケネディ: だから私は組合がより多くの賃金を差し控えていると思います. その間, 私たちの子供たちは怪我をします. そして、これほど避けられないことと、これについての恥は、バイデン大統領がそれを修正できることです。. 彼は彼がtだと言います。.

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