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‘Watters’ Wêreld’ on cancel culture, heropening van skole

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JESSE WATTERS, FOX NUUSGASheer: Welcome to WATTERS' WORLD. I'm Jesse Watters.Permanent pandemic: That's the subject of tonight's Watters' Words. Fear gives them power. That's what Democrats do. They make you so scared ...

Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles summer staple, announces reopening plans

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The Hollywood Bowl is coming back. The famed Hollywood Bowl amphitheater in Los Angeles announced on Friday it will be reopening this summer, more than one year after it closed its gates due to the coronavirus pand...

Wetgewers beskuldig SF-skooldistrik daarvan dat hulle wettige leemte gebruik om $ 12 miljoen in die heropening van fondse te kry

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In Maart, Goewerneur. Gavin Newsom en Demokratiese wetgewende leiers het ingestem om skooldistrikte te gee $ 2 miljard om die heropening van skole in die staat vanjaar aan te moedig. Om toegang tot die fondse te kry, skooldistrikte in tel ...

Amanda Kloots attends Broadway reopening of ‘Waitresshonoring her late husband Nick Cordero

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Amanda Kloots returned to Broadway to honor her late husband, Nick Cordero. The co-host of "Die praatjie" attended the opening night of "Waitress," a Broadway musical which her husband starred in before his death last y...

Nevada plans full reopening of all counties at 100% capacity in June

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Sisolak said during a press conference that all decisions made by the state have been thoughtful and deliberative throughout the pandemic as he laid out a path to return to a "more normal Nevada lifestyle" by June. "...

The Vessel in New York is reopening, focusing on suicide prevention after three young adults took their own lives there

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One of New York City's newer tourist attractions is reopening to the public with a focus on suicide prevention after three young adults took their own lives there over the last year. The climbable, 150-foot-tall sta...

The Indianapolis Colts are reopening the team’s complex after Covid-19 retests come back negative

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The Colts are swinging the barn doors back open after Covid-19 retests have come back negative. Four members of the NFL's Indianapolis franchise initially tested positive for coronavirus, prompting the team to shut ...

Reopening of ‘Aladdinon Broadway halted by COVID-19

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"Through our rigorous testing protocols, breakthrough COVID-19 cases have been detected within the company of ‘Aladdin’ at the New Amsterdam Theatre," the show announced on social media. "Because the wellness and saf...

California’s schools lag in reopening push

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More than a year after the coronavirus pandemic forced California’s classrooms to close, some of the largest school districts are welcoming back students this week. But the most populated state is lagging the rest of...

GOP governors share COVID reopening success stories on ‘Hannity’ eksklusief

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Suid-Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem recalled never closing a single business during the pandemic while the rest of the nation’s small businesses went under in tragic numbers. "We didn’t even define what an essential busine...

San Francisco pauses planned reopening due to increase in Covid-19 cases

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Rising Covid-19 cases have put a halt in San Francisco's reopening plans. The city had been planning to resume reopening on November 3, but Mayor London Breed announced Friday the city would temporarily hit pause. "...

Former State Department official blasts Biden administration after WHO announced re-opening of COVID-19 probe

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"Most of the data in the reporting that we've been seeing has been either leaked or been forced to come out through Freedom of Information Act requests," DiNanno stated when asked about why China would spike COVID-19...

San Francisco parent slams California schoolslag in reopening: ‘Zoom in a room’s a joke’

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Robin Herman told "jakkals & Vriende" co-host Ainsley Earhardt Thursday, this idea is a "joke." It's very inconvenient for parents, for the kids," Herman said. "The only reason I'm sending my daughter to school is ju...

The big test of America’s great reopening is coming up

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Dit is uit die Junie opgeneem 3 uitgawe van CNN se Intussen in Amerika, die daaglikse e-pos oor Amerikaanse politiek vir wêreldwye lesers. Klik hier om vorige uitgawes te lees en in te teken. The big test of America's great reopeni...

Michigan goewerneur beweeg die staat heropening vorentoe, met verwysing na bemoedigende Covid-19-aanwysers

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Die goewerneur van Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, het Vrydag aangekondig dat sommige beperkings opgehef word om die verspreiding van koronavirus te beperk. Persoonlike klasse kan hervat word by hoërskole en binnenshuise lokale, soos die film..

Why the Biden administration is reopening oil and gas leasing in the Gulf of Mexico

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One of President Joe Biden's boldest environmental campaign promises was to ban new oil and natural gas leasing on public land and water. But on Wednesday his administration will open more than 80 million acres in t...

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