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‘People are afraid.Buffalo supermarket reopens as fear and trauma still grip community

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Garnell Whitfield is still suffering the trauma of losing his mother to racist violence at a Buffalo supermarket. Whitfield said the mass shootings that followed and Republican lawmakers' refusal to support stricte...

Shanghai Disneyland riapre mentre la Cina allenta più regole Covid

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Hong Kong (CNN Business)Shanghai Disneyland riaprirà giovedì dopo una pausa di tre mesi, poiché la Cina allenta più restrizioni legate al Covid. Lo Shanghai Disney Resort ha dichiarato martedì che il parco riprenderà le operazioni "con...

US reopens embassy in Kyiv

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US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced Wednesday that the US has reopened its embassy in Kyiv after it closed three months ago ahead of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. "Today we are officially resuming operati...

The Patrick Lyoya shooting reopens debate about how police interact with Black people. Ecco altri casi di alto profilo

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It is an all-too-familiar scenario. A Black person is killed during a routine traffic stop. Giorni dopo, video is released, and family attorneys and civil rights leaders often say it conflicts with what police say ha...

Un ufficiale di stanza al World Trade Bridge di La..

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"Un ufficiale di stanza al World Trade Bridge di La.., Devo vederci andare avanti," Devo vederci andare avanti. Devo vederci andare avanti, Devo vederci andare avanti.

Sarah Palin’s House candidacy causes GOP rift and reopens old wounds

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Despite her 13 years out of office, Sarah Palin immediately won an endorsement from former President Donald Trump in her campaign to represent Alaska in the US House. GOP hard-liners already plan to invite her to j...

FBI reopens Missouri cold-case murder of 26-year-old Diana Ault

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Diana Ault was found dead from an apparent gunshot wound in her home in Independence, una città situata a circa 9 miles outside of Kansas City, il gen. 31, 1994. Ault’s two children, both under the age of 5, were found in...

A vital US-Canadian border crossing reopens after trucker blockade of Ambassador Bridge is cleared

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North America's busiest land border crossing has reopened after a nearly weeklong blockade of the Ambassador Bridge by protesters decrying Covid-19 mandates, the company that owns the bridge says. The standoff at th...

L'Uganda riapre le scuole dopo la più lunga chiusura del mondo per Covid-19

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Kayunga, UgandaQuesta settimana Fridah Namuganza, 18 anni, prende le ordinazioni e pulisce i tavoli nel ristorante ugandese dove lavora -- ma vorrebbe indossare una nuova uniforme scolastica e tornare in classe...

As Cuba reopens to the world, many of its own look to leave

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L'Avana, Cuba Hours before the airline offices open for the day, hundreds of Cubans wait in line, hoping to snag a hard-to-find ticket off the island. For many Cubans, it is only the beginning of a long and often dang...

Eiffel Tower reopens; COVID passes required as of next week

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Smiles were broad and emotions palpable as the first masked visitors mounted the elevators heading to the top of the Paris monument. "It’s such a lovely place and wonderful people...and now the wonderful Tour Eiffel,...

Gambler loses $2k jackpot day after casino reopens over a year after closing

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A casino goer went from winner to loser after forgetting his winning ticket at a slot machine. Purtroppo per lui, somebody else apparently noticed the winning ticket and cashed it in, making off with the nearly $...

Bruce Springsteen reopens Broadway with first full-capacity show since pandemic

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Broadway isn't dancing in the dark anymore. With most of New York's Covid-19 restrictions lifted, Bruce Springsteen welcomed a packed house to Broadway for the first time since the pandemic shut down theaters in Mar...

‘Time to play’: Michigan reopens 15 months after pandemic

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Dopo 15 months of capacity restrictions and being hit by the country's worst surge of coronavirus infections this spring, Michigan's restaurants, entertainment businesses and other venues can operate at 100% occupan...

Is the handshake back? How we’re greeting each other as the world reopens

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This summer is bringing back a lot of what we used to call "normale," including greeting long-lost friends and maskless strangers. For many of us it's long overdue. But for people still anxious about socializing aft...

L'aeroporto di Heathrow di Londra riapre il terminal per i viaggiatori ad alto rischio

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LAX CARGO HANDERS ARRESTATI PER RUBATO ORO DALLA SPEDIZIONE: PUBBLICO MINISTERO La Gran Bretagna ha vietato ai viaggiatori di a "lista rossa" di 43 hotspot di coronavirus inclusa l'India, Brasile e Turchia. UK. cittadini e residenti ri...