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Reps. McCaul sounds alarm on China missile test: ‘This is what we’ve been worried about

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CHINESE NUCLEAR-CAPABLE HYPERSONIC MISSILE TEST SURPRISES US INTELLIGENCE: REPORT MICHAEL MCCAUL: This is the most advanced, most dangerous weapon system that we cannot defend ourselves from. We knew they had these m...

Representante demócrata. David Price of North Carolina will not run for reelection in 2022

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Representante demócrata. David Price of North Carolina announced on Monday that he will not seek reelection in 2022. "I am announcing today that I will not seek re-election as representative for North Carolina's Fourth Cong...

Representante de Texas. Michael McCaul: Biden rescinded Remain in Mexico policy ‘because it had Trump’s name on it

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Host Trey Gowdy invited McCaul to discuss the federal court ruling to "enforce and implement" the Migrant Protection Protocols otherwise known as the "Permanecer en México" política. This policy required sending migrants b...

Reps. Byron Donalds: Left got caught trying to divide our country through schools

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PARENTS CONTINUE BLASTING DOJ, SCHOOL BOARDS AMID PROBE INTO VIOLENT THREATS REP. BYRON DONALDS: "The left got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. They’re the ones that spilt the milkshake on the table and tri...

Reps. Ro Khanna: The US is still far more innovative than the Chinese

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EX-PENTAGON SOFTWARE CHIEF SAYS CHINA BEATING US IN TECH WAR A 'DONE DEAL': 'KINDERGARTEN LEVELS' REP. RO KHANNA: I represent Silicon Valley ... American technology still leads – the Chinese can't compete – but we s...

Reps. Crenshaw calls for Mayorkasimpeachment amid border crisis: ‘Deliberate derelictionof duty

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JULIO ROSAS SLAMS BIDEN'S BORDER WALL HALT: CONTRACTORS BEING PAID TO NOT WORK REP. DAN CRENSHAW: I think there's very clear examples of a deliberate dereliction of constitutional duty on the part of the secretary of...

Reps. Dan Crenshaw debuts children’s book warning against cancel culture

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"You've got reach all audiences," Crenshaw told Fox News in an interview. "Parents are increasingly frustrated by their school's curriculum. They can go find left-wing progressive and woke children's books out there....

Reps. McCarthy llama a Pelosi una "oradora patética",’ dice que sus acciones son el resultado de una "gira de despedida’

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"¿Dónde estaba el mes pasado cuando los demócratas trabajaban en la reconciliación?? El Reino Unido.," McCarthy, R-Calif., comentó durante una entrevista exclusiva en "Futuros del domingo por la mañana," notando que actualmente "ella está de vuelta en Eur ...

Reps. Herrell warns of ‘flawedAfghan refugee vetting process after alleged attacks

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"We already know there's weakness in the vetting process and the screenings, and we want to make sure as this continues, we can make sure the American people can feel safe and secure about the entire process," Herrel...

Reps. McCaul: Sadly ‘ironicMarine in brig at Lejeune for ‘speaking truthwhile Biden WH lacks accountability

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Ranking Member Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, dijo "La historia" that President Biden's botched Afghanistan withdrawal should be rated an "F" in terms of the evacuation, as dozens of Americans remain stranded under Tali...

Reps. Buck says feds should stay out of local school board disputes: ‘Political speech must be protected

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FORMER EDUCATION SECRETARY BILL BENNETT LAUNCHES PROGRAM TO COUNTER ‘POLITICIZED’ CONTENT IN SCHOOLS REP. KEN BUCK: Attorney General Garland was a judge, and he should know better than to try to use the FBI for polit...

Ex representante de EE. UU.. Todd Akin, hundido por el comentario de "violación legítima", esta

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Akin tuvo cáncer durante varios años, su hijo, Sidra de pera, dijo en un comunicado. Murió en su casa en Wildwood., un St. Louis suburbio. "A medida que se acercaba la muerte de mi padre, tuvimos gente de todos los ámbitos de la vida compartiendo historias..

Reps. Gohmert demands freedom for jailed Marine; dubs military leadership ‘abysmal’

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Gohmert revealed on "zorro & Fin de semana de amigos" that after his visit to Scheller in the Brig, the Marine officer seemed in good spirits and was surrounded by fellow service people who "actually like" él. But the iss...

Reps. Pramila Jayapal: $1.5 trillion for economic bill ‘not going to happen

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House Progressive Caucus Chair Pramila Jayapal said Sunday that the $ 1.5 trillion figure for the economic bill was "too small," but wouldn't say whether she would accept the $ 2.1 trillion dollar price tag that i...

Reps. Michael McCaul: Lo que la crisis de Del Rio nos dice sobre la estrategia de inmigración de Biden

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sin embargo, en su primer día en el cargo, El presidente Joe Biden suspendió el Protocolo de Protección al Migrante (MPP) y luego los Acuerdos de Cooperación de Asilo con nuestros socios centroamericanos, ambos hábilmente negociados..

Biden continues string of family-related hires with nomination of Rep. Clyburn’s daughter to fed commission

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JBiden nominated Jennifer Clyburn Reed t to serve as the federal chairperson of the Southeast Crescent Regional Commission (SCRC), a currently inactive commission established in 2008 that was "created to address econ...

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