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Miracle on the Hudson pilot ‘SullySullenberger blasts Trump over a report he disparaged fallen US service members

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The pilot vaunted for his grace under pressure as he landed an airliner in the Hudson River called President Donald Trump "completely unfit" for office and urged people to "vote him out" in response to a report in T...

New York Department of Health undercounted Covid-19 deaths in nursing homes, attorney general’s report says

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The New York state Department of Health undercounted Covid-19 deaths among nursing home residents by approximately 50%, according to a report released Thursday by the state attorney general's office. The report by ...

Pressure mounts on ’60 Minutes’ to correct, retract DeSantis report: Critic says ‘CBS clearly made mistakes’

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"CBS clearly made mistakes in professional journalistic judgment in the execution of this story. These are the kinds of mistakes that necessarily happen when enterprise reporting is done with bias and on the basis of...

Conor McGregor cleared of 2020 sexual assault allegations over lack of evidence: reporte

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Court documents obtained by TMZ Sports explain that French authorities dropped the case against McGregor after an investigation found that there was not enough evidence to move forward with a case. CONOR MCGREGOR, D...

Gobernador de Nueva York. Andrew Cuomo lidera gobernadores’ COVID-19 llama al escándalo del asilo de ancianos despire: reporte

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Con el presidente Joe Biden y la vicepresidenta Kamala Harris saltando regularmente las llamadas, Cuomo, quién es el director de la Asociación Nacional de Gobernadores, interviene para guiarlos, según Real Clear Politics. T ...

First grade parents shocked after transgender book: reporte

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I Am Jazz — a children’s book illustrating the transition of a two-year-old biological boy into a girl — was read to the first grade students of the Bellingham School District, sparking concerns from parents. However...

Jennifer Lopez está "en contacto’ con Ben Affleck 'todos los días’ desde la reunión de Montana: reporte

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Ahora, una fuente le dijo a la revista People, la cantante y actriz de 51 años "está en contacto con Ben todos los días" desde que dejé Big Sky. "Están haciendo planes para verse," la fuente agregada. "Jennifer is still very excited ...

‘Manyassume Deshaun Watson will be placed on paid leave as lawsuits play out: reporte

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Watson, as of yet, has not faced any discipline from the NFL or the Texans as the lawsuits remain pending in Harris County, Texas. Pro Football Talk shed some light on what the assumption is around the league about h...

Former ‘Big Brotherwinner Mike Malin found guilty of stalking co-star Will Kirby: reporte

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The 50-year-old initially pleaded not guilty after being arrested in August of 2019 for stalking his former "Hermano mayor"cast member, Dr. Will Kirby, according to court records viewed by Us Weekly on Wednesday. He re...

Chinese private security presence is growing in Southeast Asia, reportar hallazgos

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Hong Kong Chinese businesses with risky investments in Southeast Asia's Mekong region are increasingly turning to legal, China-based private security companies for protection, según un nuevo informe. The Washingt...

Elizabeth Hurley’s son Damian cut out of late dad Steve Bing’s will, actress speaks out: reporte

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Bing, a wealthy financier, died in June 2020 a la edad de 55. The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner's Office listed Bing's cause of death to be multiple blunt trauma and the manner of death as a suicide. ...

La propiedad de James Brown casi se asentó casi 15 años después de su muerte: reporte

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Desde la muerte del cantante en 2006, Los activos de la difunta estrella han estado en el centro de demandas en curso que involucran a sus hijos., una ex pareja romántica y varios administradores. Los problemas legales incluso han retrasado un cap..

Simone Biles presunto abusador Larry Nassar gasta $10,000 en prisión pero evita pagar a las víctimas, informe dice

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La revelación surgió el miércoles como EE. UU.. Los fiscales pidieron a un juez que ordene a la Oficina Federal de Prisiones que transfiera todo el dinero de la cuenta de la prisión de Nassar, aproximadamente $ 2,000 - para ayudar a proporcionar restitución a cinco víctimas..

Taliban capture first Afghan provincial capital as US, NATO forces withdraw, informe dice

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The group has posted images on social media showing insurgents inside the local airport and posing for photographs at the entrance to the city, según Associated Press. Nimroz is sparsely populated in a reg...

Australian rescue dogs shot over COVID restrictions: reporte

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A group of dogs that was set to be sent to a rescue were instead shot and killed by local officials, according to local reports. This was apparently done in order to prevent shelter volunteers from traveling and pot...

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