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Biden ignores reporters at summit with Canada and Mexico after Psaki touts availability

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Earlier Thursday, it was unclear if Biden was aware that his staff had axed the traditional press conference with visiting world leaders. At a morning bill-signing event, Biden declined to answer a shouted question, ...

Verslaggewer se notaboek: From the climate front lines to COP26, the gap is wide between talk and reality

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CNN Chief Climate Correspondent Bill Weir attended COP26 last week, an international climate summit where global leaders are trying to limit future global warming. Glasgow, Scotland Just past the giant model Earth sl...

Dit lyk asof Biden weer die voorbereide lys van verslaggewers gebruik na die G20-beraad in Rome

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Dit lyk asof Biden 'n voorbereide lys van verslaggewers gebruik ná die G20-beraad in Rome: 'Daar word vir my gesê ons moet met AP begin' President Joe Biden het weereens verskyn om 'n vooraf-goedgekeurde lys van verslaggewers te beroep nadat hy met die p..

Verslaggewer se notaboek: Why Biden’s meeting with Pope Francis stands apart

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But President Biden's Friday visit to the Holy Father stands out from most others. When two top Catholics get together and one of them supports a woman's right to abortion, there are obvious grounds for disagreement...

Verslaggewer se notaboek: US Capitol has its share of ghosts

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You've heard of "Tales from the Crypt." But how about tales from the Congressional crypt? Some politicians naturally have skeletons in their closets. But some real skeletons haunt Capitol Hill. Congressional Cemeter...

CNN’s Brian Stelter hosts segment calling for reporters to cover Republicans differently than Democrats

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"I want to dive right into your argument about what both-siderism is and why it’s failing the public,"Stelter said of Calmes, whose column on the subject won praise from liberal journalists. "Is it that we're treatin...

Biden continues newfound presidential tradition, turns back on reporters and exits without taking questions

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Biden, speaking from the controversial set across the street from the White House about the response to COVID-19, offered his signature "may God protect our troops" closing line before showcasing his familiar move of...

Pelosi lectures reporters, says they ‘could do a better job selling’ Bou Beter Terug

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A new CBS News poll revealed only 10% of respondents said they knew "a lot of the specifics" of what's included in Biden's $ 3.5 biljoen bestedingspakket. Asked about the low number of Americans informed on the mat...

Verslaggewer se notaboek: Fox News’ 25 jare wat die wêreld dek

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Dit was nie baie van 'n geografiese bereik vir my nie. Die dodelike ongeluk het in 'n snelwegtonnel ontvou vyf minute van waar ek in Parys gewoon het. Greg Palkot rapporteer uit Parys in 2015. (Fox News) Die maande...

Ari Fleischer on ‘Hannity’: Avoiding reporters is ‘starting to hurt Joe Biden

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JOE CONCHA: THE BIDEN WHITE HOUSE IS TRYING TO 'SCRIPT A PRESIDENCY' ARI FLEISCHER: This followed a yearlong campaign in which his strategy was to hide in the basement, essentially take no questions from anybody, die...

Trump rips reporters and RINOs, making 2020 a litmus test

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While Joe Biden is mired in a border crisis, a Covid conundrum and Democratic paralysis, Trump is remaking the Republican Party in ways that seemed unimaginable after the election and the Capitol riot. He is back to ...

Verslaggewer se notaboek: Meeting the next Israeli prime minister

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Naftali Bennett's head was bowed, perhaps he was reviewing important diplomatic documents or he was just deep in thought in the back seat, as his heavily guarded motorcade drove past my Fox News live shot position ou...

Joe Concha ruk Biden: Die president vlug van verslaggewers af in 'n tyd wanneer aanspreeklikheid geëis word

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JOE CONCHA: "Die Britse premier moet dus toestemming vra van me. Psaki en die president se hoofhanteerders om vrae te neem? En weer, hoekom sê die perssekretaris vir ons president hy moet nie ...

TERUGFLITS: Reporters downplayed or dismissed claims of rising crime stats

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The Times suggested "various pandemic stresses, increased distrust between the police and the public," en "increased firearm carrying," as possible factors in the increased murder rate. Although there were signs of ...

McEnany oor verslaggewers ontsteld oor Biden: ‘Waar was jy toe hy in die kelder weggekruip het?’

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BIDEN PERSDEKKING WORD SUUR AS SOMMIGE 'N 'GELOOFBAARHEIDSKRISIS' SIEN KAYLEIGH MCENANY: Nou het jy verslaggewers in die perspoel wat uiteindelik hierdeur ontsteld is, jy het Ed O'Keefe van CBS, Steve Portnoy, Jennifer Jacob...

Donald Trump sues niece Mary Trump, New York Times reporters over disclosure of tax documents

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Former President Donald Trump filed a lawsuit in New York state court Tuesday against his niece Mary Trump, as well as several New York Times journalists, for the disclosure of his tax information that was published...

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