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Virginia teacher claims retaliatory firing after reporting alleged sexual assault by student

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Vandermeulen claimed a student touched her, groped her and forced his hands onto her privates as many as 80 times in one day, saying administrators simply advised her to wear an apron and hold cardboard over her geni...

Ex-CBS reporter who joined Planned Parenthood denies prior biased reporting

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Two years ago, National Review published a piece labeling Smith as a "Planned Parenthood ambassador" to CBS, and accused her of "posing as a reporter" and writing articles that resemble abortion-rights advocacy group...

Covid-19 data reporting is becoming less frequent, making trends harder to track

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Many states are scaling back on how often they report key Covid-19 statistics, a shift that some experts worry might hinder efforts to mitigate outbreaks and negative effects of the coronavirus. A year ago, todos 50 s...

McCarthy rebuts reporting on leaked recordings recommending Trump resign as Cheney, Scalise deny involvement

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El jueves, the New York Times reported on a recording from Jan. 10, 2021 where McCarthy reportedly told House Republican leadership that he had "had it" with Trump and that he was going to recommend the then-presid...

WaPo, AHORA, CNN continue erasing women when reporting on ‘pregnant peopleamid pressure from far left

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The CDC has repeatedly referred to "pregnant people" rather than women since President Biden took office, and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki also referred to "pregnant and postpartum people" at the briefing po...

NY Times, Washington Post reporting on Hunter Biden laptop after earlier doubts prompts media ‘reckoning

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"Federal investigation of Hunter Biden heats up," reads a CNN headline from March 30. "Hunter Biden Paid Tax Bill, but Broad Federal Investigation Continues," the New York Times wrote on March 16. "Inside Hunter Bide...

Trey Yingst reflects on Ukraine war zone reporting: You watch lives ‘completely fall apart

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Yingst joined "Sala de prensa de Estados Unidos" to describe what he witnessed on the ground as millions of Ukrainians flee Vladimir Putin's incursion. RUSSIAN FORCES SHELL RED CROSS WAREHOUSE IN MARIUPOL "We don't understand th...

Reporting from Ukraine: Behind the scenes in the war zone

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[object Window], HOST OF "THE STORY": On a new episode of our "Untold Story" pódcast, I sat down with Fox News correspondent, Pentagon correspondent Lucas Tomlinson, who recently came back from reporting on the war ...

El camarógrafo Pierre Zakrzewski y la periodista Oleksandra

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Nueva York (CNN Business)El camarógrafo Pierre Zakrzewski y la periodista Oleksandra, El camarógrafo Pierre Zakrzewski y la periodista Oleksandra, fue asesinado mientras informaba en Ucrania cuando un vehículo en el que viajaba con el corresponsal Benjamin Hall fue atacado a tiros, fue asesinado mientras informaba en Ucrania cuando un vehículo en el que viajaba con el corresponsal Benjamin Hall fue atacado a tiros.

Utah teacher sues school district for retaliating against her for reporting sexual harassment among 5th-grade students

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A teacher in Utah is suing her former employer after she said it retaliated against her for reporting sexual harassment among her students, according to court documents filed last week. Kathryn Moore is suing Ut...

La policía de Pasadena publica el audio de 911 Llamada para informar sobre presunto asesino de estudiante de UCLA

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"Hola, Llamo porque veo a un caballero que se parece mucho al sospechoso del apuñalamiento de Kupfer en Los Ángeles.," la persona que llama afirma. "Estoy en Pasadena... Acaba de pasar por la esquina de Green y Terrace., en Pasade...

Pacientes con COVID que informan problemas residuales de la voz después de la infección

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"Si un paciente se siente fatigado después de usar su voz, pueden tender a no querer comunicarse con tanta frecuencia como de costumbre. Pueden retirarse de las actividades sociales a medida que hablar se vuelve agotador y ya no es placentero.. A ...

Norwegian journalists detained in Qatar while reporting on conditions of workers at 2022 Copa Mundial

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A Norwegian broadcaster said two of its journalists were arrested by Qatari officials after reporting on the treatment of workers ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Halvor Ekeland and Lokman Ghorbani, journalists for...

Rittenhouse lawyer rips CNN, MSNBC for false reporting, botching ‘basic facts

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"Much of the coverage at the beginning was wrong," el dijo "Banfield" host Ashleigh Banfield, who previously worked for CNN, domingo. "The trial proved that." Richards mentioned outlets like CNN and MSNBC who blatantl...

US media’s inaccurate reporting on Rittenhouse had real consequences internationally: Greenwald

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GLENN GREENWALD: If you relied on the media, you should feel betrayed. Sabes, I'm somebody, before I was a journalist, who worked as a lawyer inside courtrooms for more than a decade. So I knew it's very difficult...

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