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Sarah Silverman says Hollywood has a ‘Jewface’ problem: Our representation ‘constantly gets breached

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Die komediant, 50, pointed to Kathryn Hahn as the most recent example after the Catholic-raised actress, 48, was tapped to portray the late Joan Rivers, who was Jewish, in an upcoming limited series. "There’s this lon...

Taliban requests representation at the United Nations, kicking off credentials battle

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United Nations Headquarters, New York The Taliban has requested representation at this week's United Nations General Assembly, a move that is expected to kick off a diplomatic battle with the preexisting Afghan envoy...

What TV and film get right about representation

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Washington 'n Weergawe van hierdie verhaal verskyn in CNN se Race Deconstructed nuusbrief. Om dit elke week in u inkassie te kry, teken gratis hier in. Too often, the television and film industries offer meager portrayals of ...

Barbie condemned after releasing ‘inclusiveTokyo Olympics collection without visible Asian representation

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America's most popular fashion doll Barbie has received widespread criticism on social media for not featuring an Asian Barbie in their collection dedicated to the Tokyo 2020 Olimpiese Spele. Mattel, the toy company ...

Byna 1,000 US elected officials identify as LGBTQ, but equitable representation is still a ways off, verslag vind

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There are nearly 1,000 known LGBTQ elected officials in the US, according to a new report -- a significant increase from just four years ago, when fewer than 450 elected officials in the US were known to identify as...

Coons breek met Pelosi in die ondersteuning van gelyke verteenwoordiging om Capitol-aanval te ondersoek

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Washington Demokratiese Sen. Chris Coons het Donderdag aangevoer dat die verteenwoordiging in die onafhanklike kommissie om Januarie te ondersoek 6 oproer by die Amerikaanse Capitol moet eweredig verdeel word onder Demokrate en Republikeine, ...

‘Raya and the Last Dragonstirs Asian representation debate

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All people of Asian heritage are not the same. That's the rather self-evident message from some who have dived into a debate about the forthcoming Disney film, "Raya and the Last Dragon." The animated movie is abou...

Major League Baseball and Players Association commit $10 million to increase Black representation in baseball

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In an effort to increase the representation of Black Americans in baseball, Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association are committing $ 10 million to The Players Alliance. A non-profit dedicated to racia...