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‘Bipartisanshipis a dirty word for Senate Republicans

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There was a time when the most liberal Republican in the Senate was to the ideological left of the chamber's most conservative Democrat. This is not that time. E, judging from the latest bipartisan rankings from C...

‘Bloodof Uvalde children is ‘on the hands of Republicansfor not passing gun control: Democratico del Texas

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While appearing on MSNBC’s "Il ReidOut" di mercoledì, Crockett condemned her state’s governor and other Texas Republicans as culpable for refusing to pass gun control. "Ascolta, I think where you’re going wrong is yo...

'SNL’ aperto a freddo: Facebook unisce repubblicani e democratici — confuso

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Nello sketch di apertura dello spettacolo, Suo. Richard Blumenthal (Mikey giorno), presidente della sottocommissione che ha ascoltato la testimonianza la scorsa settimana dall'informatore di Facebook Frances Haugen, l'ha ringraziata per essere apparsa davanti al Congresso. "...

'La vista’ Perché quella era 'la visione conservatrice’ Perché quella era 'la visione conservatrice: Perché quella era 'la visione conservatrice’

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"Vedo "la peggiore delle persone"," Vedo "la peggiore delle persone". "Vedo "la peggiore delle persone"? Vedo "la peggiore delle persone", Vedo "la peggiore delle persone". Vedo "la peggiore delle persone".

‘We do need to be careful’: Cindy McCain cautions Republicans as GOP considers Liz Cheney replacement

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Cindy McCain, widow of longtime Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona, on Tuesday warned that Republicans need to exercise caution as the party mulls ousting its No. 3 in House GOP leadership. Asked by CNN's Chris...

‘Young Republicans might not be marching in the streets, but they are mobilizing’: Gen Z Republicans express optimism ahead of midterms

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Washington, DC Karly Matthews is a climate activist. She's also a Republican. The 24-year-old Pennsylvanian -- who serves as the communications director for the American Conservation Coalition, a conservative enviro...

‘Saturday Night Live’ jabs Republicans, Joe Biden in the final ‘Weekend Update’ of Season 46

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Although the show is finished with its latest season, the finale marked the first time that the popular NBC sketch show had a full, live studio audience since the coronavirus pandemic began in 2020. The renewed energ...

‘The Five’ calls out WaPo for whitewashing Stacey Abrams voter ID reversal: Dems ‘evolve,’ Republicans ‘cave

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La settimana scorsa, Suo. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va. attempted to spearhead his own voting rights legislation in hopes of getting some bipartisan support. Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams raised eyebrows when she...

143 Republicans are running for Congress in Texas. Solo 13 say the 2020 election was legitimate.

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With the Texas primary looming in less than two weeks, the Houston Chronicle did something very interesting: They asked every Republican candidate running for Congress whether or not they believed the 2020 elezione ...

2 Georgia Democratic congresswomen will face off after Republicansredistricting

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Georgia Rep. Lucy McBath announced Monday that she would run for a new district in the Atlanta suburbs against fellow Democrat Rep. Carolyn Bourdeaux after the Republican controlled-state legislature redrew McBath's...

2020 election becomes early dividing line for Republicans in crucial 2022 Senate race in Arizona

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In one of next year's most consequential Senate races, the Republican primary to take on Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly of Arizona is turning on a question: Who won the 2020 Elezioni presidenziali? Former President Dona...

2021 mostra che i repubblicani non dovrebbero temere un'alta affluenza alle urne

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Il Partito Repubblicano ha fatto molto bene martedì. Oltre la sua vittoria nelle elezioni governative della Virginia, è stato molto vicino a catturare la villa del governatore del New Jersey. E il GOP lo ha fatto in un modo che potrebbe spaventare...

3 Democrats join Republicans in sinking Biden nominee to lead Labor division

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Three moderate Senate Democrats joined Republicans on Wednesday night in voting against advancing President Joe Biden's nominee to head the Labor Department's Wage and Hour Division. Democratic Sens. Kyrsten Cinema,...

41 Republicans demand Miguel Cardona resign over links to NSBA letter that targeted protesting parents

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rappresentante. dire che la decisione "prende in giro la scienza", R-Me., led the letter to President Biden, che è stato ottenuto per la prima volta da Fox News, demanding he "immediately fire" Cardona over the "now infamous letter." "In your inaugural address before the Ameri...

46 House Republicans call on Mayorkas to resign over ‘complete failure’ to lead DHS

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"In light of recent reports displaying your failure to execute the primary mission of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to secure our nation from its many threats through your inability and refusal to enforce...

A depressing number on Republicans and the vaccine

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The White House announced Monday that 70% of eligible Americans have received at least one shot of the Covid-19 vaccine. Which is good! Also on Monday a new Monmouth University national poll came out that showed 31%...