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The Oscars make inclusion a requirement for best picture consideration beginning in 2024

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Five years after the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag triggered controversy, the group behind the awards has made inclusion a requirement to be considered to win them. In what represents the most direct link between the movie...

White House considers testing requirement for travelers from the United Kingdom

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The White House is considering requiring travelers from the United Kingdom to present proof of a negative coronavirus test before arriving in the United States, dos funcionarios de la administración le dicen a CNN. The discussions...

DeSantis anuncia una nueva demanda contra la administración de Biden por el requisito de mandato de vacunas para los contratistas federales

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Gobernador de Florida. Ron DeSantis anunció el jueves que el estado ha presentado oficialmente una nueva demanda en Tampa contra la administración Biden por la orden del presidente que impone un mandato de vacuna a los contratistas federales., se...

US government urges Americans not to travel abroad after new testing requirement goes into effect

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Washington The US government is urging Americans not to travel abroad after new restrictions went into effect Tuesday requiring all passengers traveling by air to present negative Covid-19 tests taken within three ca...

White House says teacher vaccinations are ‘not a requirement to reopen

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White House officials affirmed Wednesday that they do not believe teacher vaccinations should be mandatory for schools to reopen, though they do agree teachers should be prioritized like frontline workers. Presiden...

Madre de Florida y niños adoptados varados en Bulgaria debido al requisito de la vacuna para viajar

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Amy Dobrikova se unió "zorro & Amigos primero" expresando su frustración por el asunto, diciendo que este no es el "Al estilo americano" a medida que la administración Biden hace que los viajes internacionales para los no vacunados sean más desafiantes..

Ya no se requieren máscaras en el piso de la casa, después de la indignación republicana por el requisito continuo

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Se informa a Fox News que la disminución de la transmisión comunitaria y el aumento en la tasa de vacunación desencadenaron esta decisión.. La tasa general de vacunación para el complejo Capitol es 85%, más alto que el de th ...

Fauci backs COVID vaccine requirement for air travel: ‘I would support that

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Fauci was asked during an interview with theSkimm on Monday if he would support a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for Americans in order to fly. RAND PAUL SAYS NEW WUHAN DOCUMENTS SHOW FAUCI LIED "I would support that if y...

TSA extends transportation mask requirement until September 13

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The Transportation Security Administration is extending the Biden-era transportation mask mandate. The rule requiring masks on all travelers in airports, airplanes, terminals, trenes, buses and boats was set to exp...

Fauci defends California school vaccine mandate: Not a ‘novelrequirement

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California proudly announced the nation’s first-ever statewide COVID-19 vaccine requirement in schools. Newsom’s announcement compared the mandate to those for measles, mumps and rubella. The mandate has divided par...

Candace Cameron Bure has a faith-based dating requirement for her adult children

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los "Fuller House" and Hallmark actress told Us Weekly that she has asked her three adult children to make sure their significant other loves Jesus. "When it comes down to it, I just want [their significant others] t ...

Pentagon call COVID-19 a threat to national security, weighs making vaccinations a requirement

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The Biden administration has not said it will require COVID-19 vaccines for federal workers and the military but will force those who are unvaccinated to take frequent tests and take additional steps to prevent infec...

WH’s Klain panned for retweeting post on ‘ultimate work-around’ for federal vaccine requirement

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President Biden announced proposed rules that would force private-sector employers with more than 100 workers to either require them to be fully vaccinated or mandate that they undergo weekly tests. Biden referred to...

Los Angeles schools put safety above politics with a vaccine requirement. It’s time for the nation to follow

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Dr. Smita Malhotra is a parent, author and the medical director of the Los Angeles Unified School District. The views expressed in this commentary are her own. Ver más opinión en CNN. Many school boards are often ...

Supreme Court says unanimous jury verdict requirement does not apply retroactively

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Washington The Supreme Court said on Monday that a decision last term holding that the Constitution requires unanimous jury verdicts for state criminal trials does not apply retroactively. The ruling is a loss for T...

Supreme Court invalidates California’s donor disclosure requirement

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The Supreme Court on Thursday invalidated a California rule that requires charitable organizations that solicit donations to disclose a list of their contributors to the state attorney general. Supporters of campaig...

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