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Hopes fade for missing Burkina Faso miners as rescuers find no survivors in rescue chamber

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OugadougouRescue workers have found no survivors in a rescue chamber deep inside a flooded zinc mine in Burkina Faso, the government and the mine owner said on Tuesday, all but extinguishing hope that eight missing m...

Florida-based dog rescue group heads to Europe to save Ukraine pets displaced during Russian invasion

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"We just felt for these dogs, we felt for what was going… when you're being bombed and your house is in rubble, sometimes you just you've got to get yourself and your kids out. Sometimes you just don't have the means...

The Middle East won’t rescue Europe if it turns off Russian oil

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A version of this story first appeared in CNN's Meanwhile in the Middle East newsletter, a three-times-a-week look inside the region's biggest stories. Teken hier in. Abu Dhabi, UAE As Europe tries to stymie Moscow's...

New Jersey police rescue woman from SUV submerged in Delaware River

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In die video, authorities in Gloucester City, New Jersey can be seen removing the woman from a vehicle that had become submerged in the Delaware River just after 1 nm. op April 28. New Jersey authorities r...

Minnesota crews rescue man from sinking pickup

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Traffic cameras from the Minnesota Department of Transportation show emergency crews making the rescue on Tuesday around 2 nm. along Interstate 35, volgens FOX 9 Minneapolis. FLORIDA MAN LEADS COPS ON 6-COUNTY,...

Migrant drowns crossing Rio Grande where Texas soldier drowned in prior rescue attempt

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"A 38 yr-old Nicaraguan man drowned while trying to cross the Rio Grande River into Eagle Pass Texas," Fox News correspondent Bryan Llenas reported on Twitter, accompanied by video of the scene. "Video show his frien...

Arizona firefighters rescue man stuck in gap between shipping container and wall

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Fire crews from Phoenix and Glendale responded to 16th Avenue and Hatcher Road on Sunday afternoon after the man slipped while walking on top of the shipping container, het die Phoenix -brandweer gesê. FLORIDA DEPU...

Texas officials identify missing National Guard soldier as rescue efforts remain underway

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Texas officials have identified Bishop E. Evans as the National Guard soldier who went missing on Friday as he attempted to rescue two migrants who were crossing the Rio Grande River. The Texas Military Department ...

Texas National Guard soldier remains missing after helping rescue two migrants suspected of drug trafficking

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A Texas Army National Guard soldier who went missing Friday during a rescue mission along the border with Mexico has not yet been found, according to a release from the Texas Military Department (TMD). Local law e...

Illegal migrants a missing National Guard soldier tried to rescue were involved in drug trafficking: amptenare

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The soldier went missing on Friday after entering a river in Eagle Pass to help two migrants who officials say "appeared to be drowning as they illegally crossed the river from Mexico to the United States." TEXAS NAT...

Americans have rushed to rescue Ukrainian orphans. One mission led to a child trafficking probe

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When Russian bombs started dropping on Ukraine in late February, a country singer half a world away in Nashville says he felt the panic of a parent whose child is in danger. The 9-year-old boy Scooter Brown and his ...

New Jersey firefighters rappel down elevator shaft in daring rescue of 6 trapped children

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Police and firefighters responded around 5 nm. to Rockin' Jump, a trampoline park in Wayne, New Jersey, local authorities told the Daily Voice. NJ TEACHER'S ‘HEROIC’ RESCUE OF STUDENT CHOKING ON BOTTLE CAP CAUGHT O...

The Memphis Zoo had to rescue 19 kangaroos and 4 wallabies after storms caused a creek to overflow

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After a harrowing 36 hours or so for staff at the Memphis Zoo, Honeybunch, a wallaby that went missing in a severe storm, is back with his fellow marsupials. Two-year-old Honeybunch was one of 23 marsupials -- inkl..

NJ teacher’s ‘heroicrescue of student choking on bottle cap caught on video: ‘I just went into action

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Janiece Jenkins, a third grade teacher at East Orange Community Charter School, jumped into action Wednesday morning when her student, 9-year-old Robert Stonaker, started choking on a water bottle cap while sitting a...

2 Nevada police officers help rescue 75-year-old woman from the streets, reunite her with her family

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Henderson, Nevada In an open lot, Rose Brazdovic lay huddled behind a cement barrier, her only protection from the elements. "When she came out, she had a makeshift sling on her arm, and she just looked very rundown....

Doctor details daring rescue of Fox News correspondent Benjamin Hall from Ukraine

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‘SAVE OUR ALLIES’ CO-FOUNDER' DISCUSSES RESCUE MISSION OF FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT BENJAMIN HALL FROM UKRAINE Dr. Richard Jadick, known as the most decorated military doctor to have served in Iraq, was teaching a cours...

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