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Oversight Republicans urge DHS OIG to investigate Afghan refugee vetting, resettlement

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In a letter to Inspector General Joseph Cuffari, Repeticiones. Yvette Herrell, R-N.M., and James Comer, R-Ky., express concern about the processes surrounding the evacuation of tens of thousands of Afghans into the U.S. in t...

DHS: Hundreds of Afghan evacuees are leaving military bases in the US without completing resettlement

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Reuters reported that more than 700 "independent departures" of Afghan evacuees have occurred since they arrived in the United States, further complicating the resettlement and transition process. Afghans leaving the...

Ohio Senate candidate who compared refugees to alligators is the grandson of refugees aided by resettlement organizations

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An Ohio Senate candidate who has pushed strong anti-refugee messages against Afghans and others is the grandson of refugees from Europe who settled in the Cleveland area with the aid of at least two resettlement org...

DC getting zero Afghan refugees in first wave of resettlement, as many states get 1,000+

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State Department data shows where the initial group of 37,000 Afghans are heading after being processed into the United States. REPUBLICAN STUDY MITTEE PLEDGES TO FIGHT ‘DANGEROUS OPEN BORDER’ AFGHAN REFUGEE PLAN ...

Fort McCoy hit by case of measles amid Afghan refugee resettlement effort

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An internal government email, viewed by Fox News, said that the base confirmed a case of the measles on Sunday. UNVETTED AFGHAN REFUGEES ALLOWED TO LEAVE WISCONSIN MILITARY BASE UNSUPERVISED: REPS. TIFFANY "All thos...

Afghan refugees arrive across the US for State Department resettlement

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An undisclosed number of Afghan refugees arrived at Washington Dulles International Airport on Saturday, and were transported to Northern Virginia Community College’s Annandale Campus. Its Ernst Center was to be used...