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Man loses USB flash drive with data on entire city’s residents after night out

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Tokyo Drinks after work probably seemed like a good idea -- but for one worker in Japan the hangover is likely to last for some time. The unnamed worker lost a USB flash drive containing the personal details of every...

Propietario de hogares de ancianos de Luisiana acusado de 15 cargos por delitos graves después de que los residentes murieran en un refugio temporal para huracanes el año pasado

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El propietario de siete hogares de ancianos en Luisiana que evacuaron a los residentes a un almacén cuando se acercaba el huracán Ida el año pasado fue acusado de delitos graves después de que siete residentes murieran en el refugio temporal..

Padres y residentes piden a la junta escolar de Uvalde que despida al jefe de policía del distrito durante un emotivo foro abierto

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Una mezcla de ira contra los funcionarios locales., La frustración con el departamento de policía de la división escolar y la tristeza desgarradora por el tiroteo masivo del mes pasado en la Escuela Primaria Robb dominaron el foro abierto en la reunión del lunes..

Contreras Fire grows to more than 20,000 acres in southern Arizona, putting nearby residents on alert

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The Contreras Fire burning in southern Arizona has grown to 20,360 hectáreas, prompting possible evacuations for nearby residents, los funcionarios dijeron. While an evacuation hasn't been mandated, the Pima County Sheriff's Depa...

Biden’s economic achievements fall flat despite White House initiative, Virginia residents say

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"Honestamente, I can't pinpoint any one success that I can attribute to the White House, Desafortunadamente," a woman who works in the area told Fox News. "I cannot say that Joe Biden has done anything to help small business ...

Uvalde, Texas, residents respond to revelation police waited to engage mass shooter

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"If you assume that you have a barricaded subject—you cannot assume that," Uvalde resident Laura de la Cruz told Fox News while holding back tears. "You know it's a school, you know children are in there, you know th...

Ukrainian town defies the Russians as residents come home and vow, ‘We will win

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Officials say over 450 residents were murdered in cold blood by Russian forces, and many more were injured. Others are terrorized and forced to live in basements to save their skins during the five-week Russian post-...

Los funcionarios de salud del condado de Los Ángeles piden a los residentes que se hagan pruebas de COVID antes de celebrar el Día de la Madre

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"Dado que el virus se está propagando a un ritmo elevado, salud pública les pide a todos los que se reúnen que celebren y honren a sus madres y abuelas este fin de semana para que se mantengan a salvo haciéndose pruebas antes de reunirse, quedarme fuera...

‘Refusal to evacuate could be a fatal decision.Officials urge residents in northern New Mexico to leave ahead of a rapidly growing blaze

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Officials in northern New Mexico urged residents in more than two dozen communities to immediately evacuate Saturday ahead of a massive blaze that exploded in size in a day. The Calf Canyon Fire began last week and ...

Angelina Jolie visits residents at boarding school and medical institution in Ukraine

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Actress and activist Angelina Jolie paid a surprise visit to a boarding school and medical institution in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv on Saturday, according to Maksym Kozytskyy, head of Lviv's regional milita...

Texas residents are suing their county after books were removed from public libraries

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Seven residents in Llano County, Texas, are suing county officials, claiming their First and 14th Amendment rights were violated when books deemed inappropriate by some people in the community and Republican lawmake...

New York Mayor Adams urges residents to send him pictures of subway officers on their phones

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"We are going to start taking very aggressive actions to make sure police are patrolling our subway system and not patrolling their iPhone," Adams said Tuesday at a briefing about his budget proposal for next year. ...

Southern California businesses and residents are asked to reduce outdoor watering as drought leaves ‘half the water that we needfor summer

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Facing "drought conditions unlike anything we've experienced before," Southern California officials are demanding businesses and residents in parts of Los Angeles, Ventura and San Bernardino counties cut outdoor wat...

Judge pauses Montana’s enforcement of law that makes it harder for transgender residents to modify their birth certificates

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Washington Montana must pause its enforcement of a law requiring transgender residents to provide proof that they underwent a "surgical procedure" to change their sex in order to modify the sex designations on their ...

Arizona wildfire forces residents to evacuate

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The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office issued the order Monday, warning people near the area and Camp Kippa that there was a "significant danger" to their lives. NEW MEXICO WILDFIRES FORCE THOUSANDS MORE TO EVACUATE "...

Fast-moving fire in New Mexico approximately 2 miles in length affecting ‘a few thousand’ residentes

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Evacuations are in progress in New Mexico's Valencia County due to a fast-moving fire approximately two miles in length that is affecting a "few thousand people," according to fire officials. In an interview with CN...

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