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Olympic medalists respond to USOC flag proposal: ‘Old Glory doesn’t need rebranding

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Hall Sr. won Silver medals in the 1968 Mexico City, 1972 Munich and 1976 Montreal Olympiads, while his son won Golds in the 1996 Atlanta, 2000 Sydney and 2004 Athens games. Hall Jr. het dit verklaar "Old Glory doesn't ...

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard respond to ‘Counting Oncancellation: We learned ‘with the rest of the world

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"Our statement about the cancellation of 'Counting On' is a little late because we just learned the news with the rest of the world last Tuesday + this season of life is quite busy for us," the pair said in a stateme...

Jesse Watters: ‘How I Save the Worldis a chance to respond to my mom’s texts without being challenged

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When I joined "Die Vyf", we were moved to 9 nm. This meant that my liberal mother had already had her vodka when the show aired. After a drink, she can become quite passionate about politics. During the show, my i...

Crowd twerks on ambulance as EMTs respond to fatal shooting at Juneteenth event

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First responders with Falck Alameda County Emergency Medical Services were responding to a Saturday evening shooting during a Juneteenth event at Oakland’s Lake Merritt, where one person was killed and seven others w...

California deputies respond to shooting at Los Angeles Fire Department’s Station 81 in Agua Dulce

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It happened at a Los Angeles County Fire Department’s Station 81 in the Agua Dulce neighborhood around 11 am. PT, according to a department spokesperson. At least one person was shot and the suspect remained at larg...

Illinois ‘Battle Buddyprogram sends cops with military background to respond to veterans in crisis

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So instead of sending in social workers, a pioneering Illinois police program designed to aid despondent and suicidal veterans deploys officers who have military backgrounds of their own to 911 calls about vets in cr...

Defense Secretary says US has ‘offensive optionsto respond to cyberattacks

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Washington Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told CNN the United States has "offensive options" to respond to cyberattacks following another major attack that is believed to have been carried out by the Russian group be...

Minnesota police respond to bank robbery in progress, hostage situation at St. Cloud Wells Fargo location

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No injuries had been reported but the department had deployed all of its available resources to the scene, spokeswoman Lt. Lori Ellering told Fox News, and the FBI was assisting. Authorities first responded to the ro...

10 GOP-senatore reageer op die Withuis, maar beklemtoon diep verdeeldheid oor die hulpverleningspakket Covid-19

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Die 10 Republikeine van die Senaat wat hierdie week met president Joe Biden vergader het oor sy hulpverleningspakket vir coronavirus, het 'n gedetailleerde brief aan die Withuis gestuur waarin 'n reeks bekommernisse oor die voorstel uiteengesit is., volgens 'n let ...

Die polisie reageer anders as dit 'n linkse betoging is, studie bevind

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President Donald Trump se ondersteuners was nog besig om deur die Amerikaanse Capitol toe die vraag ontstaan: As dit Black Lives Matter-betogers was in plaas van oorweldigend Wit, militante Trump-ondersteuners, ho ...

Die stad New York sal geestesgesondheidspanne in plaas van die polisie stuur om op sommige te reageer 911 oproepe

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New York City skep nuwe spanne om te reageer op noodoproepe vir geestesgesondheid in plaas van die polisie, as deel van 'n loodsprogram wat volgende jaar begin. Die spanne sal bestaan ​​uit EMS-gesondheidswerkers en geestelike genesing..

Die polisie reageer op verskeie voorvalle tydens 'Trump Train’ mobiele saamtrek in Richmond

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Amptenare van die Richmond-polisiekantoor het Sondagmiddag op verskeie voorvalle gereageer tydens 'n "Trump Trein" mobiele saamtrek van voertuie, volgens 'n persverklaring van die polisie. Die saamtrek het sy oorsprong in He ...

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