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Cruz y Abbott expresan su dolor por el tiroteo en una escuela de Texas, elogie a los socorristas

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"Sé que todos estamos elevando la oración, los estudiantes, los maestros, los socorristas y los padres.," Cruz dijo durante una conferencia de prensa el miércoles. "Ha habido demasiados de estos en demasiados s ...

Harris Faulkner’s new Fox Nation special highlights the heroic stories of first responders

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El especial, which is now available to stream on Fox Nation, details dramatic rescues ranging from burning buildings to treacherous hiking trails. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER FOX NATION"I cannot wait to watch this," former pre...

Fox Corp. announces $1M donation to Tunnel to Towers in support of first responders, military heroes

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The donation will support injured first responders, military heroes and their families. Tunnel to Towers CEO Frank Siller, brother of the fallen 9/11 héroe, Unido "El cinco" Saturday to remember Stephen's sacrifice. ...

Trump honors brave first responders on 9/11, takes shot at Biden’s Afghanistan ‘incompetence

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"This is a very sad day. septiembre 11 represents great sorrow for our country. Many things were displayed that day, including most importantly the bravery of our police, fire and first responders of every kind. The j...

Firefighter-owned coffee company pledging $25K to first responders before 9/11

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Company founder and CEO Eli Held joined "zorro & Fin de semana de amigos" on Sunday to illustrate how the California-based coffee vendor unconditionally supports the country’s first responders. "It’s really about giving ba...

9/11 memorial excludes first responders, survivors on 20th anniversary

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A ceremony next month to honor those killed 20 years ago on Sept. 11 will be limited to family members of the fallen, after organizers decided first responders, survivors and others wouldn’t be invited to the milesto...

Long Island county legislature votes to allow first responders to sue protesters and sets civil fines of up to $50,000

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The legislature for Nassau County, Nueva York, approved a bill Monday that says anyone who harasses or injures a first responder -- which includes police officers -- can be fined up to $ 50,000 while giving first res...

Florida paramedic recalls springing into action as driver pulls loaded gun on responders

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Carlos Santos, 50, and his partner were responding to the call for an apparently unconscious driver on May 31 in Manatee County’s Bradenton. Cuando ellos llegaron, they broke the back window to get into the vehicle, shif...

Multitud de Oakland twerks en ambulancia, bloquea a los socorristas después de un tiroteo mortal

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El Departamento de Policía de Oakland cree que el tiroteo del sábado en Lake Merritt estuvo relacionado con pandillas y se están buscando varios tiradores., el departamento dijo el lunes. Un estimado 5,000 la gente se reunió cerca de donde el i ...

Padre de Wisconsin establece un nuevo récord mundial de flexiones para recaudar dinero para la familia de los socorristas caídos

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Nate Carroll en la línea de 50 yardas del MetLife Stadium en Nueva Jersey rompió el récord frente a los socorristas durante el medio tiempo del 48 ° Anual Fun City Bowl., un enfrentamiento anual entre el incendio de Nueva York y el po ...

DeSantis anuncia $1,000 bonificaciones para los socorristas de Florida: "Estamos financiando a la policía y luego algunos’

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DeSantis hizo el anuncio el miércoles, flanqueado por socorristas y miembros de las fuerzas del orden durante una conferencia de prensa frente al Departamento de Policía de Satellite Beach. Durante el evento también anunció que quería..

Man fatally shot in Seattle’s ‘CHOPautonomous zone was ‘left to dieby first responders, informe dice

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An attorney representing the estate of 19-year-old Lorenzo Anderson has filed a notice of claim regarding the alleged delayed response of a Seattle Fire Department ambulance on the night the man was shot, the New Yor...

Hunting the hunters: How Russian hackers targeted US cyber first responders in SolarWinds breach

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Washington After infiltrating US government computer networks early last year as part of the SolarWinds data breach, Russian hackers then turned their attention to the very people whose job was to track them down. O...

A non-profit honoring first responders will pay the mortgage of slain Boulder officer Eric Talley

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Eric Talley, the first police officer to arrive at the scene of the Boulder supermarket shooting last week, was the last of the gunman's 10 víctimas. To honor his bravery, the non-profit Tunnel to Towers Foundation, ...

Meet the artist who painted over 150 portraits of the pandemic’s first responders

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For Jayashree Krishnan, who has painted more than 150 portraits of first responders across the globe since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the eyes tell the story. "Each person's set of eyes that I have painted...

Mnuchin says he was personally involved in securing nearly $4 million for 9/11 first responders health program

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Washington Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said Thursday he was "personally engaged" in the move to refund nearly $ 4 million previously withheld from the health care program assisting September 11 first responders...

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