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Bucks president responds to ESPN hosts after disrespecting city of Milwaukee during on-air broadcast

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The Phoenix Suns currently hold a 2-0 lead over the Los Angeles Clippers in the Western Conference Finals, and the Milwaukee Bucks and Atlanta Hawks squared off in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Wednesday...

Chris Rufo responds to WaPo CRT retraction, Joy Reid backlash: ‘I eat hit pieces for breakfast

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Rufo joined "Tucker Carlson Vanaand" on Tuesday to respond after Reid accused him of "going the White Man Demands" route in purportedly trying to be booked on her show. Reid, host Tucker Carlson reported, claimed Ruf...

Wisconsin Badgers MBB coach Greg Gard responds after leaked recording of seniors confronting him

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In 'n verklaring, Gard said he has his "players’ backs" en was "fully committed to their development as basketball players, studente, and young men." "I care deeply about the student-athletes in our program," Gard sai...

Bachelorette co-host Kaitlyn Bristowe responds to online criticism about her appearance

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Voormalige "Bachelorette" Kaitlyn Bristowe has had enough of people asking why she doesn't look the exact same as she did six years ago. Responding to a Twitter user who asked, "Can anyone tell me what's different about...

Chiefs’ Andy Reid responds to Le’Veon Bell’s criticism

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In plaas daarvan, Reid wished him well. "I enjoyed my time with him. I'm pulling for him. That's how I roll," Reid said. klok, who said that he’d "retire first" before suiting up for Reid, clarified his comments in a so...

Tucker Carlson reageer op die Pentagon-bevelvoerder wat beweer dat wit mense 'deel van die probleem is’

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Aan "Tucker Carlson Vanaand," gasheer Tucker Carlson het opgemerk dat Austin, 'n voormalige raadslid van die verdedigingskontrakteur Raytheon, tydens sy bevestigingsproses gesê dat hy sal "ontslae raak van ons rassiste en ekstremiste ...

George P. Bush reageer op mediakritiek op die prokureur-generaal van Texas: 'Ek is my eie man'

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BOSH: Dit is my naam op die stembrief. Ek is my eie man. Ek sal telefonies wees as ek as prokureur-generaal verkies word en laat in die nag bel as 'n grenspatrolliebeampte of 'n wetstoepassingsbeampte in die lyn val ...

ESPN’s Jay Williams responds to Kevin Durant’s ‘f–kin lie’ claim

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The ESPN analyst — whom Kevin Durant accused of lying on national television about an apparent encounter they had years ago — addressed the situation on Wednesday. "I stand by my story," Williams said on his "Keyshaw...

John Krasinski responds to Amy Schumer’s joke that his marriage to Emily Blunt is for publicity

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Amy Schumer took to Instagram to recommend "A Quiet Place Part II," starring Emily Blunt and directed by John Krasinski, who also happen to be married. Schumer raved about the movie, a sequel to the 2018 horror fil...

Aaron Rodgers gets caught up in wild social media day, responds in 2 twiets

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The Green Bay Packers quarterback was announced as one of the participants in the next edition of Capital One’s The Match. Rodgers is partnering with Bryson DeChambeau to take on Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson in the g...

‘Reg & Orde se ster Mariska Hargitay reageer op meisie, 11, wat ontvoerder afgeweer het met behulp van 'n fooi van 'SVU'

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Slegs geïdentifiseer deur haar voornaam, Alyssa het die verdagte weerstaan ​​wat uit 'n wit voertuig gespring het en haar op 'n mes probeer ontvoer het terwyl sy met haar gesit en speel het. "blou slym" by 'n grasagtige mediaan wat ook as 'n busstasie verdubbel het..

Olympian Torah Bright responds to backlash over breastfeeding photo: ‘I feel so silly even addressing this

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Bright’s photo was posted earlier this month as part of a Mother’s Day tribute collage on her own Instagram page. Egter, she received some criticism for the act with some describing her as "disrespectful" and a bad...

UFC’s Beneil Dariush after win calls out Elon Musk over wife’s Tesla, CEO responds

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The 32-year-old lightweight fighter said in his post-fight interview in the Octagon that his wife ordered a Tesla but hasn’t gotten it yet. He used the moment to put Musk on blast. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING ...

Bob Baffert attorney responds to Medina Spirit’s derby doping scandal

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CHARLES PAYNE, FOX NUUSAnker: You're looking live at the Israel-Gazaborder, where the situation remains tense, as the violence over thereescalates.Hello, almal. I'm Charles Payne, in Neil Cavuto. And this is "Yo...

‘Euphoria’ star Sydney Sweeney tearfully responds to critics of her looks: ‘Words actually affect people’

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The 23-year-old "Euforie" star took to Instagram Live on Sunday to address the critics in a tearful video. "Blykbaar, I am trending on Twitter right now for being ugly," she began in the short video. "I would neve...

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