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Kanye West responds to Issa Rae’s ‘SNL’ grap: ‘I’m praying for her

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Kanye West is speaking out after being mentioned in Issa Rae's "Saturday Night Live" skete. Die "Insecure" actress played a lawyer for the NAACP appearing on Kenan Thompson's made-up morning talk show, "Your Voice C...

Hilaria Baldwin responds to claims she has faked her Spanish heritage

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Hilaria Baldwin is responding to criticism that she has misled the public about her Spanish descent. The wife of actor Alec Baldwin posted a lengthy video on Instagram over the weekend after claims that she was fak...

JoJo Siwa responds to board game controversy saying she ‘had no ideaabout the ‘inappropriatecontent

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YouTube star JoJo Siwa responded to backlash over a children's board game with her name that contains questions she is calling "gross" en "inappropriate." The 17-year-old singer and internet sensation posted a vide...