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7 strategies for truly restorative rest

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Many people suffer from a chronic sleep deficit, and that was the case even before the pandemic hit -- bringing with it stress, fear and anxiety. A third of us get fewer than seven hours of shut-eye a night, acuerdo...

A pilot who died in WWII has finally been laid to rest in his Maine hometown

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A pilot from World War II has finally been laid to rest 76 años después de su muerte. US Army Air Forces 2nd Lt. Ernest N. Vienneau was 25 en 1944 when his plane was shot down over present-day Slovenia, according to a...

After she laid her husband to rest, an elderly woman got a letter in the mail threatening Asian Americans

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Claudia Choi says that after her father was laid to rest, her elderly mother received a "cruel" letter in the mail threatening Asian Americans. "Yo estaba enojado. It fired me up," le dijo a CNN. "It didn't make me want t...

Ciudadano estadounidense que evacuó recientemente Kabul intenta desesperadamente llevar al resto de su familia a un lugar seguro

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El presidente Biden promocionó los esfuerzos de evacuación intensificados de la administración el martes., diciendo 33,600 personas habían volado en el último 36 horas. Todos los estadounidenses en Afganistán deberían poder salir a la calle..

Ben Domenech: Why does US persist as extreme abortion regime as rest of world wakes up to moral reality?

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It might surprise you to know this. You certainly won’t hear it from anyone on any other network. But that supposedly extreme Mississippi law headed for the Supreme Court, which would block most abortions after 15 w ...

Betsy McCaughey: COVID vaccine equity? US deserves answers on booster shots vs. donations to rest of world

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Giving boosters to vaccinated people in rich countries, while millions in poor countries go unvaccinated, is nothing short of greed, said World Health Organization director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Monda...

Biden warns about conspiracies flourishing in the US: ‘The rest of the world’s wondering about us

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Washington President Joe Biden on Wednesday raised the alarm about conspiracy theories flourishing in the US and dividing the nation, warning that "the rest of the world's wondering about us." Speaking at a CNN town ...

El nuevo empleado de la concejal de California dijo alcalde, el administrador de la ciudad debería estar "aterrorizado por el resto de su vida’

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La concejal de Sacramento Katie Valenzuela, quien representa el distrito de la ciudad 4, anunció la contratación de Skyler Henry en una publicación de Facebook la semana pasada. Henery, quién es coanfitrión del podcast progresivo "VOCES" River City," a ...

California failed to pass a major police reform bill. Here’s what experts say that could mean for the rest of the nation

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La semana pasada, California State Sen. Steven Bradford said he was confident that "the votes were there" for his proposed bill. SB 731, introduced in July, would have made it possible to strip badges of officers convicte...

Chris Pratt honors veterans on Memorial Day in emotional tribute: ‘May God give their souls rest

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The Marvel star, 41, penned a lengthy and emotional message on Instagram about the price of freedom and how we should never take it for granted. "America’s exceptional armed forces have altered the course of the wor...

Dana Loesch blasts Biden’s ‘fake compassionas migrant children dropped at Jersey Turnpike rest area

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Loesch said Biden and his administration continue to claim their immigration policies are grounded in compassion but remarked that appears to be tenuous at best when migrants are reportedly flown to the U.S. interior...

El campeón defensor Dominic Thiem se perderá el US Open y el resto del 2021 temporada debido a una lesión en la muñeca

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El campeón defensor del US Open, Dominic Thiem, anunció que se perderá el 2021 edición del torneo -- y el resto de la temporada -- debido a una lesión en la muñeca en curso. La estrella del tenis de 27 años dijo que no ha re ....

Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer’s administrative leave extended through the rest of the season

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Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer's administrative leave has been extended through the rest of the season, according to a source with direct knowledge of the situation. Según la fuente, Major League B...

Duke women’s basketball cancels rest of 2020-2021 season because of Covid-19 concerns

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Duke University's women's basketball team will not play the remainder of the 2020-2021 temporada, citing health and safety concerns stemming from Covid-19, the school announced Friday. "The student-athletes on the Duke...

Empacadores de Green Bay’ Za’Darius Smith reveals ‘Rest in Heaven Breonna Taylormessage after a sack

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Green Bay Packers linebacker Za'Darius Smith showed his support for Breonna Taylor after a big play in Monday night's win over the Atlanta Falcons. Smith pulled down his undershirt to reveal the message "Rest in Hea...

Greg Gutfeld: The more Dems and media try to reduce security, it’s up to the rest of us to enhance it

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Firearm sales have soared during this crime wave, creating an ammunition shortage. Of course not among the gangs of Chicago and New York City. But the bullet shortage is so bad gangbangers have agreed to limit their ...

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