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A Florida officer is charged after a botched arrest resulted in an explosion that left a suspect with burns over much of his body

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A Florida deputy and a suspect are facing charges in relation to a botched arrest earlier this year in which an explosion allegedly set off by a Taser left the suspect with burns over much of his body, Osceola Count...

Officer involved in botched raid that resulted in Breonna Taylor’s death announces retirement

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A Louisville police officer who was involved in the botched raid that resulted in the death of Breonna Taylor has announced his retirement, saying that it was in the "best interest" of his family. Sgt. Jonathan Mat...

Man on Jerry Springer’s courtroom show is suing after alleged assault in the parking lot resulted in injuries

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According to court documents viewed by Fox News, James Papi, 71, is suing NBC Universal, Allied Universal Security and the Stamford Media Center over an incident that occurred in the parking garage of the Stamford, C ...

Vier familielede wat van moord aangekla word, in 'n saak wat volgens die polisie die gevolg is van verkeerde identiteit

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Vier lede van een familie uit Texas word daarvan beskuldig dat hulle 'n man in die omgewing van Houston vermoor het, wat volgens hulle hul huis en voertuie gevandaliseer het, volgens die Sheriff's Office van Harris County. Maar balju Ed Gonzalez sê die ...

FAA investigating plane-swap stunt that resulted in crash

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A live-streamed, mid-air "plane-swap" stunt that ended with a plane crashing in the Arizona desert is under federal investigation after organizers allegedly defied a government order. Event organizers said two pilo...