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Retailer stuck with 10,000 misspelled ‘Free Brittanyshirts amid #FreeBritney movement

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A spelling mistake on a t-shirt almost left a United Kingdom-based retailer in a tough spot. Gelukkig, the shirts are still sparking attention even if the letters aren’t correct. Karl Baxter, the owner o...

Young Muslim entrepreneur’s hijab designs are some of the first to be sold by a major retailer

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Hilal Ibrahim began dreaming of making hijabs more accessible to women of all cultures in high school, and now her luxury designs are available as some of the first hijabs to be sold at a major fashion retailer in t...

Jesse Watters’ ‘How I Saved the Worldhits retailer to the delight of his most liberal fan: ‘My mother cried’

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"My mother cried," Watters said. "My mother is from a very academic background, she has her doctorate, she has been in education her whole life … she's very proud that I was able to write a book without any grammatic...

Texas Supreme Court strikes down lawsuits against gun retailer over 2017 church mass shooting

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Academy Sports + Outdoors cannot be sued in connection to the 2017 mass shooting under the federal Protection Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which Congress passed in 2005 to protect firearm retailers and manufacturers ...