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빌 가드너, 전국 최장수 국무장관, 은퇴를 선언하다

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"앞으로 나는 물러날 것이다.," 빌 가드너 뉴햄프셔 국무장관이 월요일 발표했다.. 73세의 가드너(Gardner), 1976, 그리고 전 민주당 대표...

Sir Michael Caine announces retirement from acting: ‘I haven’t worked for two years

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The award-winning actor, 누구인가 88, announced on Friday on BBC Radio's "Kermode and Mayo's Film Review" that he is retiring from acting. He made the announcement while discussing his last onscreen role in the movie "...

Shaquille O’Neal hilariously reacts to Tom Brady’s retirement: ‘Get your butt up and do one more year

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Many football fans, 플레이어, and media members from all over the world reacted to the news following Brady's decision to call it a career after 22 seasons and seven Super Bowl titles. 더 많은 스포츠 커버를 보려면 여기를 클릭하십시오 ...

플레이오프 진출을 위해 전 올프로 에릭 웨들(Eric Weddle)을 은퇴에서 퇴출시키는 램

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NFL 네트워크의 Ian Rapoport는 Eric Weddle이 플레이오프를 위해 Rams에 합류하기 위해 은퇴할 것이라고 보고했습니다.. 발목 부상으로 시즌을 앞두고 있는 조던 풀러의 출발 안전에 대한 대응이다..

축구 스타 Carli Llyod는 은퇴 계획 중에 비교를 기각합니다.: '톰 브래디는 아이를 가질 필요가 없다.’

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로이드, 39, 미국 이후 계획을 발표했다.. 도쿄올림픽 여자 동메달 결정전, 그녀와 그녀의 남편이 말한다. "우리 삶의 다음 장이 시작되기를 고대하고 있습니다." 애국자 빌 벨리치...

브루스 윌리스’ new movie co-star on his legacy following aphasia, retirement: ‘He goes out as a legend

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Greyson last filmed with Willis a little over a year ago for "Fortress: Sniper's Eye," the second installment of "Fortress." Jesse Metcalfe and Chad Michael Murray also star in the action-packed flick. In an intervi...

Baltimore Orioles slugger Chris Davis announces retirement

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데이비스, 35, was going to miss the entire 2021 season after surgery in May to repair the labrum in his left hip. 더 많은 스포츠 범위를 보려면 여기를 클릭하십시오. . "After an extended time dealing with my injury and recent hip ...

Serena Williamsimpending retirement causes ‘unprecedentedUS Open ticket sales

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That has caused the demand for tickets to the tournament to utterly skyrocket. USTA spokesperson Chris Widmaier told the New York Post the news caused "전례없는" ticket sales on Tuesday. Serena Willia...

Ted Ginn Jr. announces retirement from NFL after 14 계절

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Drafted ninth overall in the 2007 NFL Draft by the Miami Dolphins, Ginn turned his background as a track and field athlete into a lasting football career, providing consistent big play yards for his teams through the...

AZ parent slams school board for ‘double standardof hosting retirement party, canceling prom

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"Parents felt like the district just took a page out of the Marie Antoinette playbook there and said, ‘Let the seniors eat cake,’" Jennifer Alvey told "여우 & 친구 주말" 일요일에. She noted that seniors wil...

AOC just ramped up the pressure for a Supreme Court retirement

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The final days of a Supreme Court term are bathed in drama, with the justices typically holding the release of their rulings in the highest profile cases until the last moment before they (and much of official Washi...

Andrew Luck reveals what he’s been up to since abrupt retirement

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Luck was at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis and joined fellow 2012 NFL Draft classmate Robert Griffin III for the ESPN pregame broadcast of the title game between Alabama and Georgia. Both players were asked what a...

까마귀’ Anthony Levine announces retirement, to take coaching role

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The team said Levine will transition into a scouting and coaching role for the Ravens in 2022. 더 많은 스포츠 범위를 보려면 여기를 클릭하십시오. . Levine played defensive back and linebacker and was a significant contributor ...

Tom Brady retires: 애국자, Robert Kraft express gratitude following QB’s retirement announcement

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화요일에, the Patriots offered their final farewell after Brady confirmed he would be stepping away from the game for good. Team owner Robert Kraft expressed his gratitude for Brady – an under-the-radar quarterbac...

Fauci는 미국에서 가장 큰 연방 퇴직금을 징수 할 예정입니다.. 역사: 보고서

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OpenTheBooks.com의 Forbes 감사관에 따르면, 파우치의 55 연방 정부에서 몇 년 동안 근무하면 1년에 $ 350,000 연간 비용을 통해 증가할 것입니다...

New York Times announces retirement of term ‘op-edin favor of ‘guest essays

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The Times opinion editor Kathleen Kingsbury explained the change in a piece published Monday, saying the term originally referred to content "opposite the editorial page," 이후 "수백만" read the Times digitall...

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