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Kenny Chesney herenig met die bandlede vir die eerste keer in twee jaar vir 2021 ACM-prestasie

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Die 53-jarige countryster het Sondagaand tydens die Academy of Country Music Awards verskyn en sy lied uitgevoer "U ken." 'N Versierde ACM-wenner self, Dit was 'n groot saak vir Chesney om terug te keer na die verhoog..

Theater community reunites for pop-up show in Times Square exactly one year after Broadway went dark due to pandemic

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Exactly one year after Broadway went dark due to the pandemic, members of the theater community reunited for a live, pop-up performance in Times Square. "We Will Be Back," which took place on Friday, aimed to suppor...

Facebook post reunites couple with their lost engagement ring after beach proposal

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Wil jy meer inspirerend wees, positiewe nuus? Teken in op The Good Stuff, 'n nuusbrief ten goede in die lewe. Dit sal u inkassie elke Saterdagoggend verhelder. It's one of the biggest moments of your life. You've bought t...

‘Cherryreunites Tom Holland and the Russo brothers on a not-so-super movie

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The current Spider-Man and directors of "Avengers: Endgame" reunite on "Cherry," but that's the only conspicuously super thing about this grim adaptation of the bestselling book. Tom Holland's kinetic performance is...

A dog missing for 43 days reunites with his family after being rescued from a grain silo

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Local pet sleuths and animal control officers in Kent County, Michigan, teamed up to reunite a dog and his family after rescuing the canine from a grain silo. Milo, a springer spaniel, had been missing for 43 dae, ...

‘Let Him Goreunites Diane Lane and Kevin Costner in an old-fashioned thriller

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The ads for "Let Him Go" frankly don't really do the movie justice, making this understated little film -- anchored by Diane Lane and Kevin Costner's steely performances -- look a lot more like "Taken" than it actua...

A tearful reunion caught on video as a couple reunites after being separated over 200 days due to the pandemic

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A couple at a Florida assisted living home had the internet in tears this weekend after a heartwarming video featuring the couple was shared on social media. The video shared by Rosecastle at Delaney Creek, an assis...

Ryan O’Neal reunites with daughter Tatum and his grandkids after 17 jare

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Looks like 2020 may not be the worst year for Ryan O'Neal, his daughter Tatum O'Neal, and their family. That's because they have recently reunited after years of estrangement. The pair have reconciled, Volgens ...