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CDC’s COVID booster shot reversal: Is the Biden administration following the science?

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CDC director Rochelle Walensky broke with her vaccine advisory panel late Thursday to endorse younger at-risk people returning to work to get the Pfizer COVID-19 booster shot — a rare move that goes against the panel...

West Virginia AG sues Biden admin over border policy reversal tied to ‘devastating’ fentanyl flow

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The state is suing over the reversal of the Trump-era "Remain-in-Mexico" política, which kept migrants in Mexico while they awaited their hearings. The Biden administration began dismantling it in January and ended it ...

Ex-acting ICE director: Root cause of border ‘chaosis reversal of Trump’s immigration policies

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Vitiello made the comment one day before Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas will visit Guatemala. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said Mayorkas will travel to the Northern Triangle country on T...

El acusador de Bill Cosby critica la decepción de la corte’ revocación de la condena

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El acusador de Bill Cosby critica la revocación de la condena `` decepcionante '' de la corte, un acusador de Bill Cosby cuyas acusaciones ayudaron a poner al comediante tras las rejas, junto con sus abogados emitieron un comunicado el miércoles..

"Los Cinco" denuncia a WaPo por blanquear la revocación de la identificación de votante de Stacey Abrams: Los demócratas evolucionan,’ Cueva de los republicanos’

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La semana pasada, Su. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va. intentó encabezar su propia legislación sobre el derecho al voto con la esperanza de obtener algún apoyo bipartidista. La ex candidata a gobernador de Georgia, Stacey Abrams, levantó las cejas cuando ....

Tim Graham: Media reversal on Wuhan lab leak – will this massive embarrassment cause them to change anything?

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It's not a mystery why this happened. The Democrats thought the coronavirus was going to be that silver bullet that would remove former President Trump from office. Their arrogant belief that Trump was an ignoramus l...

PBS anchor Yamiche Alcindor blasts UNC’s reversal on tenure offer to ‘1619 Projectauthor Nikole Hannah-Jones

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El mes pasado, UNC's Hussman School of Journalism and Media announced that Hannah-Jones, an alumnus and the author of the controversial "1619 Proyecto" as its Knight Chair in Race and Investigative Journalism. sin embargo, ...

Governors caught flatfooted by Biden’s mask reversal

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"I found out about it in the news, just like the general public did," Ricketts, un republicano, told Fox News in an exclusive interview. Ricketts compared the lack of communication over the new mask guidance to the co...

La administración de Biden dice que hará cumplir las protecciones federales de atención médica para personas transgénero, deshaciendo la controvertida reversión de la era Trump

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Washington La administración Biden trabajará para proteger a los estadounidenses transgénero de la discriminación en el cuidado de la salud., deshacer una controvertida decisión de la era Trump de rechazar las protecciones federales para los miembros de la comunidad, t ...

Alonso, Mets top Phillies 8-7 after replay reversal

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Michael Conforto snapped a tie with a bases-loaded walk against José Alvarado, driving in Jose Peraza, and Alonso followed with a liner off David Hale that split the gap in right-center and went all the way to the wa...

Washington Post fact-checker calls out Biden admin for trying to ‘spinrefugee cap reversal as ‘confusion

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The White House on Friday said that President Biden is expected to increase the refugee cap for this fiscal year, just hours after he signed an order that kept it at Trump-era levels and infuriated congressional Demo...

Reversal of Earth’s magnetic poles may have triggered Neanderthal extinctionand it could happen again

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The reversal of Earth's magnetic poles, along with a temporary breakdown of the world's magnetic field about 42,000 hace años que, could have triggered a raft of environmental changes, solar storms and the extinction of...