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Suo. Mike Lee: Court-packing would reverse ‘central feature’ of Constitution

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JUSTICE BREYER OPPOSES POLITICS SURROUNDING SUPREME COURT, SUPPORTS ONE POSSIBLE REFORM SEN. MIKE LEE: I agree strongly with Justice Breyer. He is absolutely right, and for that matter, I agree with what then-Senator...

Biden administration moves to reverse Trump-era showerhead rule

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The Department of Energy is moving to reverse a Trump-era rule that rolled back water efficiency standards for showerheads, an administration official confirmed to CNN on Friday. The Trump-era showerhead rule took a...

Homan rips ‘pure ignoranceof Biden admin on border crisis: ‘All they have to dois reverse policies

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BLINKEN VISITS CENTRAL AMERICA AS PROLONGED MIGRANT CRISIS RAMPS UP PRESSURE ON BIDEN-HARRIS ADMINISTRATION TOM HOMAN: It leaves us in a really bad spot. The number of crossers at the border, especially children that...

UEFA president urges Super League owners to reverse decision

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Ceferin both cajoled and criticized the six-club English group — made up of American billionaires, Middle East royalty and a Russian oligarch — less than 48 hours after the Super League was launched in alliance with ...

‘Tragicto see Biden admin ‘flip switchand reverse Trump policies at border: Mike Pompeo

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BIDEN ADMIN ASKS FOR GOVERNMENT VOLUNTEERS AT THE BORDER AMID CRISIS MIKE POMPEO: I always find it interesting when they talk about the fact that we did America alone, when in fact the deal that we struck to secure o...

I repubblicani della Camera annullano il divieto degli stanziamenti, aprire la porta ad entrambe le parti usando la pratica precedentemente vietata

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Mercoledì i repubblicani della Camera hanno votato per revocare il divieto a livello di conferenza sugli stanziamenti, secondo due fonti familiari con il voto, segnando un cambiamento dopo che la pratica di spesa era stata vietata per un decennio. Il...

NYU students sue to reverse coronavirus discipline

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Three New York University students are suing the school following the university's decision to suspend them from classes for allegedly violating coronavirus restrictions. Marc Santonocito, Ashley Storino and Elnaz P...

Big Ten officials to vote on whether to reverse course and hold an abbreviated fall college sports season

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Big Ten Conference presidents and chancellors are expected to vote on whether to reverse course and proceed with an abbreviated fall college football season, an official familiar with the discussions tells CNN. Afte...