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NJ school board slammed as ‘arrogant and incompetent,’ reverses decision to remove holiday names from calendar

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The Randolph Board of Education voted 8-1 Monday to reinstate the holidays after dozens of members of the community voiced outrage during the public comment portion of the meeting. Tom Tatem, a Randolph Township fath...

Merrick Garland reverses Trump-era decisions on asylum claims

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Die Departement van Justisie (DOJ) announced the reversals on Wednesday, setting U.S. immigration policy back to where it was before decisions made by Trump-era DOJ officials, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy A...

Guinea reverses decision to pull out of Tokyo Olympics

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Minister of Sports Sanoussy Bantama Sow made the announcement Thursday after national and international outcries that followed an earlier declaration that Guinea would not send athletes to Tokyo, blaming the coronavi...

China reverses course again on whether it will cooperate with WHO coronavirus origins probe

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The WHO in February said its initial joint report with China into the origins of the pandemic found it "extremely unlikely" the virus came from a lab and advised "future studies." The organization said later in July ...

Judge reverses decision, allows unvaccinated mom to see her son

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"Judge Shapiro just issued an order vacating portions of his prior order of August 11th so Rebecca Firlit can see her son again," Rebecca Firlit’s attorney, Annette Fernholz, FOX vertel 32 Chicago Monday. Firlit said ...

Biden keer Trump se verbod op federale fondse vir klinieke na aborsie terug

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Die nuwe reël, waarmee titel X-geld kan hervat word vir klinieke wat verwys na aborsie, tree in werking Nov. 8. "Vandag meer as ooit, ons maak duidelik dat toegang tot kwaliteit gesinsbeplanningsorg akkurate insluit ...

Pennsylvania school district reverses ban on books by authors of color after students fought back

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A southern Pennsylvania school board has reversed its decision to ban anti-racism books and resources. The Central York school board unanimously approved the reinstatement of a list of anti-racism books and resource...