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Greg Gutfeld: The media attempts to revive Jan 6 to save Biden’s imploding presidency

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Their goal: Take old, battered exaggerations and re-purpose it as new, improved outrage. What Beatlemania was to the Fab Four, this hearing is to Trump Derangement Syndrome. Keep it going as long as possible to diver...

Revive your faith through true worship

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As Christians, we must take stock of our lives and ask ourselves if we’re reflecting the truth in these verses. Do we approach God with both reverence AND bold faith? From personal experience, I believe in order to ...

Supreme Court declines to revive Bill Cosby prosecution

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The Supreme Court left in place Monday an opinion by Pennsylvania's highest court that overturned comedian Bill Cosby's sexual assault conviction, rejecting a bid from Pennsylvania prosecutors to review the decision...

Republicans troubled by ongoing talks to revive Iran nuclear deal: ‘Russia should not be at any table

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Negotiations have been ongoing in Vienna for the United States to rejoin the international deal that President Trump pulled out of in 2018. Brittanje, Frankryk, Duitsland, Russia and China are still part of the deal with I...

Eco-friendly and ultra-luxury: How Bahrain hopes to revive its natural pearl industry

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An island kingdom just off the Arabian Peninsula, known as the first emirate nation to discover oil in 1932, wants to re-establish itself as the global center for sustainable pearls. Natural pearls are one of the mo...

Bill Cosby’s lawyer asks Supreme Court not to revive his sexual assault case

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The 84-year-old actor and comedian has been free since June, when a Pennsylvania appeals court overturned his conviction and released him after nearly three years. The state’s highest court found that Cosby believed ...

Bidens om familie se Nantucket Thanksgiving-tradisie te laat herleef

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Daar word van die Bidens verwag om hierdie week 'n jarelange Thanksgiving-familietradisie te laat herleef wat teruggaan na 1975, kies om vanjaar se aandete in Nantucket deur te bring, Massachusetts. In sy 2017 memoir, " Belowe my, Pa...

Biden set to revive US-Mexico-Canada summit

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President Joe Biden plans to focus on migration, the Covid-19 pandemic and economic integration when he convenes a summit of North American leaders at the White House on Thursday. While the talks are not expected to...

China and Russia revive push to lift UN sanctions on North Korea

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China and Russia are pushing the United Nations Security Council to ease sanctions on North Korea, reviving a similar previous attempt that had flailed in 2019. The two countries filed a reworked draft resolution, Ek weet...

WIE om ondersoek na die oorsprong van COVID-19 te laat herleef, amptenare waarsku tyd raak min

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Die Wall Street Journal het Sondag berig dat amptenare van die VN se openbare gesondheidsarm gewaarsku het dat die wêreld dalk nooit die oorsprong van die virus sal weet nie.. KLIK HIER VIR DIE NUUTSTE OOR DIE CORONAVIRUS Lawrence Gostin, fa...

Federal judge orders Biden administration to revive Trump-era border policy

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A federal judge in Texas has ordered the Biden administration to revive a Trump-era border policy that required migrants to stay in Mexico until their US immigration court date. Shortly after President Joe Biden too...

Rep. Ashley Hinson seeks to revive Trump’s deregulation executive orders

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The freshman lawmaker authored the "Red Tape Reduction Act" to restore Trump's deregulatory actions that Hinson said were instrumental in helping small businesses and the economy grow. "President Trump worked to unr...

Wetgewers moet die voorstel vir federale kommissie laat herleef wat die taak het om Amerika se geskiedenis van rassisme te ondersoek

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Twee Demokratiese wetgewers sal Donderdag weer wetgewing instel waarin gevra word dat die eerste federale kommissie vir rasse-geregtigheid gestig word wat die land se geskiedenis van sistemiese rassisme teen Swart mense moet ondersoek..

Supreme Court won’t revive Democratic-led lawsuit over payments to Trump

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The Supreme Court won't revive a lawsuit by Democratic members of Congress who argued that President Donald Trump has been violating the Foreign Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, which bans foreign payments to ...