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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively donate $500,000 to support homeless youth in Canada

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One of Hollywood's most famous couples donated $ 500,000 to help young people struggling with homelessness in Canada. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively pledged $ 250,000 each to Covenant House Vancouver and Covenant ...

Ryan Reynolds last spoke with Alex Trebek just two months ago

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Ryan Reynolds is remembering his friend, Alex Trebek. Die "Gevaar!" host died November 8 after battling pancreatic cancer for a year and a half. Trebek was 80. Reynolds talked to "Ekstra" about the effect his frie...

Actor Rick Moranis is back after 20 years thanks to Ryan Reynolds

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Actor Rick Moranis is back after a 20-year acting hiatus sooner than expected thanks to Ryan Reynolds. Die "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" star had announced he was returning to the big screen with a new Disney film, bu...