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Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty cleared of obscenity charges stemming from 2007 kiss with Richard Gere: reporte

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Obscenity charges filed against the Bollywood actress were dismissed in a Mumbai court last week, the BBC reports. The charges against Shetty, 46, were ruled "groundless," and the court found that she was a victim of...

World-renowned Kenyan conservationist Richard Leakey dies at 77

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Kenyan paleoanthropologist and conservationist Richard Leakey, who unearthed evidence that helped prove humankind evolved in Africa, murió el domingo a la edad de 77, Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta confirmed in a s...

Richard Marcinko, the first head of the elite SEAL Team Six, ha muerto

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Richard Marcinko, a legendary military figure known for leading SEAL Team Six when the covert special operations unit was in its infancy, murió el sábado, according to his son and the National Navy SEAL Museum. He was...

Karen Carpenter’s brother Richard shares a favorite memory of the ‘Superstar’: ‘It was all happening so fast

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Fue 1971 when the duo, known as Carpenters, won a Grammy for best new artist. "This was not even a year after ‘Close to You’ had been released," the singer/songwriter told Fox News. "It was all happening so fast. ...

El infame asesino Richard Matt cuyo 2015 la fuga de la prisión inspiró una serie de televisión que pudo haber matado a una mujer en 1993

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David sudor, que se escapó de la prisión de Clinton con Matt hace siete años, escribió en una declaración jurada que su amigo le dijo que él estaba detrás del brutal estrangulamiento y la muerte a puñaladas de la ama de casa de Buffalo..

El actor Richard Gere convocado para testificar contra el líder de derecha Matteo Salvini en el caso de migrantes de Sicilia

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Roma El líder del partido Lega de derecha de Italia, Matteo Salvini, arremetió al inicio de su juicio por el presunto secuestro de 147 migrantes mientras era ministro del interior. Los migrantes iban a bordo de un ...

Bucs receive good news: Richard Sherman only expected to miss a couple of weeks

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HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . FILADELFIA, PENNSYLVANIA - OCTUBRE 14: Richard Sherman #5 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers walks off the field in the first half after being injured against the Philadelph...

enero 6 committee interviewed former Trump DOJ official Richard Donoghue

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The House select committee investigating the January 6 riot at the US Capitol interviewed Trump-era Department of Justice official Richard Donoghue last week, a source familiar with the committee's work confirmed to...

Richard Sherman signs deal with Buccaneers: ‘I went with the best offer I had

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The longtime Seattle Seahawks star confirmed the news on "The Richard Sherman Podcast," saying he "went with the best offer." RICHARD SHERMAN ON POTENTIAL RETURN TO NFL: ‘I’VE GOT A DECADE OF CHARACTER AND TAPE TO B...

Richard Buckley, Esposo y editor de moda de Tom Ford, muerto en 72

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"Es con gran tristeza que Tom Ford anuncia la muerte de su amado esposo de 35 años, Richard Buckley," Los representantes de Ford dijeron en un comunicado a la revista People. "Richard falleció pacíficamente en su casa en L ...

Emmy winner Jean Smart pays tribute to late husband Richard Gilliland in speech

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"Before I say anything else, I have to acknowledge my late husband who passed away six months ago yesterday," Smart said Sunday night. "I would not be here without him, and without his kind of putting his career on t...

Richard Sherman drawing interest from Bucs, others amid legal troubles: reporte

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Sherman, who is currently a free agent, was arrested over the summer on accusations of drunkenly crashing his SUV into a construction zone and trying to break into his in-laws’ suburban Seattle home. He pleaded not g...

Joan Washington, Richard E. Grant’s wife and voice coach to the stars, muerto

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Washington’s death was disclosed by her husband, actor Richard E. Grant. He posted a video on Twitter of the couple dancing together to a song by the Platters, along with the words: "ONLY YOU! Joan - Love of my Life...

Richard Sackler says his family and Purdue Pharma are not to blame for US opioid crisis

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During hours-long testimony in a Purdue Pharma federal bankruptcy proceeding on Wednesday, former company president Richard Sackler said he believes his family and the OxyContin manufacturer bear no responsibility f...

Legendary Houston Astros pitcher J.R. Richard dies at age 71

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Former Houston Astros pitcher J.R. Richard died at age 71, according to a statement from the team on Thursday. "Today is a sad day for the Houston Astros as we mourn the loss of one of our franchise icons," the Ast...

J.R. Ricardo, power pitcher for Astros in ’70s, muere en 71

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The team announced his death on Thursday but did not provide any further details. "Today is a sad day for the Houston Astros as we mourn the loss of one of our franchise icons, J.R. Ricardo," the Astros said in a sta...

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