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Jordaan: Biden confirming that there will be food for the holidays represents how ‘ridiculousit’s gotten

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Biden earlier Tuesday addressed the surging inflation, telling families that they can "rest easy" knowing that "grocery stores are well-stocked with turkey and everything else you need for Thanksgiving." The presiden...

Rick Scott sê 'belaglike' inflasie wat deur regeringsvermorsing veroorsaak word, besteding: 'Amerikaners moet woedend wees’

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Tydens 'n verskyning op "Fox News Sondag," Scott het aan die gasheer Chris Wallace gesê dat Demokrate steeds oor hul multi-triljoen-dollar-bestedingsrekening debatteer, terwyl hulle niks doen om die stygende inflasie aan te spreek nie..

Glenn Youngkin, Jewish leader dismiss Dem’s ‘ridiculousclaim that criticizing Soros is ‘antisemitic

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"I call it out in my own party and I’m calling it out now," Luria declared on Twitter. "Evoking George Soros as a shadowy funder is an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. This is an unacceptable statement from Glenn Youn...

Eric Stonestreet says it’s ‘ridiculousthat fans assume he, fiancée have large age gap: ‘She looks fantastic

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The 50-year-old actor caught the attention of his fans when he announced his engagement to his fiancée Lindsay Schweitzer in August. When he shared photos of himself and his beloved, critics took to the comments to m...

Job Creators Network CEO: Biden vaccine mandate ‘ridiculousand will impact everything

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BIDEN EMPLOYER VACCINE MANDATE A STEP CLOSER TO REALITY AS OSHA SUBMITS RULE TEXT TO OMB FOR REVIEW ALFREDO ORTIZ: What prompted it is just the feedback that we were getting from all of our small business members acr...

Mike Pence het pas iets absoluut belagliks oor Januarie gesê 6

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Mike Pence showed Monday night that he is willing to say almost anything to get back in Donald Trump's good graces. Appearing on Sean Hannity's show on Fox News, the former vice president was asked about his relatio...

Celtics’ Enes Kanter breek LeBron James uit omdat hy nie in die openbaar gepleit het vir COVID -entstof nie: 'Dis belaglik’

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In 'n onderhoud Saterdagaand, Kanter het gesê hy "kon nie glo nie" die Los Angeles Lakers -voorspeler gebruik nie sy groot platform om die entstof te stoot nie. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . T.J. McConnel ...

Virginia se Dontayvion Wicks behaal 'n aanslag op belaglike spel vs.. Miami

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Die agterspeler van Cavaliers, Brennan Armstrong, het in die derde kwart teruggesak en gevind dat Wicks op pad is na die eindsone. Dit lyk asof die verdedigingsagter van die orkaan, Marcus Clark, eers die bal en sy ma in die hande kry..

Drake’s ‘Certified Lover Boyalbum cover is inspiring some ridiculous memes

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Drake's "Gesertifiseerde Lover Boy" has been streamed millions and millions of times since it was released on Friday, and the rapper's new album is also inspiring an almost as impressive number of memes poking fun at its ...

Lara Trump hammers MSNBC’s ‘totally ridiculousop-ed comparing Taliban to pro-life Republicans

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MSNBC OPINION PIECE PARES REPUBLICANS TO TALIBAN LARA TRUMP: It sounds totally ridiculous. Let me just remind people that the Taliban is a barbaric terrorist organization who treats women as second-class citizens, sy ...

Mike Lindell got owned in the worst possible way on his ridiculous election fraud claims

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Mike Lindell is the single most prominent pusher this side of Donald Trump of the Big Lie -- the idea that the 2020 election was somehow stolen despite zero evidence to back up that claim. The MyPillow founder has s...

McEnany: Biden ‘tiptoeing’ towards ‘Orwellian’ and ‘ridiculousvaccine mandates like NYC

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NYC TO REMEND, NOT MANDATE MASKS FOR VACCINATED PEOPLE INDOORS KAYLEIGH MCENANY: We’re in a different stage of the pandemic now. We don’t need mandates, we don’t need masks. People are getting vaccinated… Mandates a...

Clay Travis slams ‘ridiculousTexas Democrats for ‘patheticcare package request

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CLAY TRAVIS: Jy weet wat? I think it would be fantastic if Republicans sent a lot of care packages and maybe included in that the Constitution of the United States as a nice parting gift. Kyk, I went to college in...

Nikki Haley shreds Biden admin for UN probe into US human rights: ‘We look so ridiculousto rest of world

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Haley: I thought that the Biden administration was extreme leftist. This is flat-out insane. The idea – you've got a million Muslim Uighurs that are being tortured. You've got people being bullied and beaten in the s...

Ted Cruz mocks VP Harris‘ridiculouscomparison of fleeing Texas Dems to civil rights leaders

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HARRIS SAYS DEMOCRATS WHO FLED TEXAS 'IN LINE' WITH LEGACY OF FREDERICK DOUGLASS, SELMA MARCHERS, SUFFRAGETTES TED CRUZ: It's actually pretty ridiculous. Laaste wat ek nagegaan het, the heroic civil rights protesters on the Edmu...

GOP lawmaker torches ‘Squadmember’s ‘ridiculous, afgryslik’ push to defund Border Patrol

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'SQUAD' DEM TLAIB ROEP VIR DIE FINANSIERING VAN ICE, CBP, DHS, CLAIMS THEY ‘TERRORIZE’ MIGRANTS LISA McCLAIN: What is happening today is completely ridiculous and it's appalling. The Squad is spewing this rhetoric. And if y...

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