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Die enkele belaglikste bewering in die verklaring van Donald Trump wat Mitch McConnell geklap het

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Voormalige president Donald Trump het Dinsdag 'n aantal wilde aansprake gemaak in 'n verklaring wat Mitch McConnell, minderheidsleier van die Senaat, gered het. Maar een het regtig vir my uitgestaan: Sy aandrang dat hy "eiehandig gered" m ...

Dan Crenshaw torches maskless celebrities at Super Bowl: ‘Absolutely ridiculous

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"I think this is just increasingly frustrating for Americans as this ‘rules for thee, but not for me’ nonsense occurs. Eric Garcetti said he was just holding his breath. I’m sure all these celebrities were holding th...

Clay Travis slams ‘ridiculousTexas Democrats for ‘patheticcare package request

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CLAY TRAVIS: Jy weet wat? I think it would be fantastic if Republicans sent a lot of care packages and maybe included in that the Constitution of the United States as a nice parting gift. Kyk, I went to college in...

Rick Scott sê 'belaglike' inflasie wat deur regeringsvermorsing veroorsaak word, besteding: 'Amerikaners moet woedend wees’

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Tydens 'n verskyning op "Fox News Sondag," Scott het aan die gasheer Chris Wallace gesê dat Demokrate steeds oor hul multi-triljoen-dollar-bestedingsrekening debatteer, terwyl hulle niks doen om die stygende inflasie aan te spreek nie..

Die 50 belaglikste lyne uit Donald Trump se CPAC-toespraak

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Donald Trump het Sondag sy eerste groot toespraak ná die presidensie gelewer, an address to the Conservative Political Action Conference laden with falsehoods and attacks on his fellow Republicans -- suggesting absolut...

Ramme’ Matthew Stafford throws ridiculous no-look pass in Super Bowl LVI, replays send social media into frenzy

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In his first year with the Los Angeles Rams after spending 12 seasons with the Detroit Lions, Stafford threw for 4,886 yards with 41 touchdowns to lead the Rams to a 12-5 opneem. In the postseason, Stafford led Los A...

McEnany: Biden ‘tiptoeing’ towards ‘Orwellian’ and ‘ridiculousvaccine mandates like NYC

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NYC TO REMEND, NOT MANDATE MASKS FOR VACCINATED PEOPLE INDOORS KAYLEIGH MCENANY: We’re in a different stage of the pandemic now. We don’t need mandates, we don’t need masks. People are getting vaccinated… Mandates a...

Jordaan: Biden confirming that there will be food for the holidays represents how ‘ridiculousit’s gotten

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Biden earlier Tuesday addressed the surging inflation, telling families that they can "rest easy" knowing that "grocery stores are well-stocked with turkey and everything else you need for Thanksgiving." The presiden...

Clay Travis blasts ‘ridiculous hypocrisyof MLB, Manfred after All-Star Game moved from Atlanta

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"Give credit to Senator [Marco] Rubio for calling out the commissioner here, Rob Manfred, for all of this ridiculous hypocrisy," said Travis, referring to the Florida Republican's challenge to Manfred to resign as a ...

Stevie Nicks recalls telling Katy Perry not to have music ‘rivals’: ‘That’s just ridiculous

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The Fleetwood Mac songstress, 73, revealed in an interview with The New Yorker that she and Perry, 34, once had a run-in at the Corinthia Hotel in London back in 2012 en die "Amerikaanse afgod" judge brought up the topi...

Mike Lindell got owned in the worst possible way on his ridiculous election fraud claims

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Mike Lindell is the single most prominent pusher this side of Donald Trump of the Big Lie -- the idea that the 2020 election was somehow stolen despite zero evidence to back up that claim. The MyPillow founder has s...

NYC business owner slams ‘ridiculousvaccine requirement for patrons: ‘Doing more harm than good

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Generoso, who is the manager of Pasticceria Rocco in Brooklyn, said the possibility of another mandate is "absoluut, absolutely ridiculous." "It’s infringing on our liberties," she told Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade. C ...

‘SNL’ tackles mask questions for vaccinated people in ridiculous scenes

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Masks have entered the chat on "Saturday Night Live." Kate McKinnon -- as Dr. Anthony Fauci -- opened this weekend's show with ridiculous everyday scenarios that attempted to answer questions surrounding the latest ...

Dr. Nesheiwat rips ‘The View’ hosts over ‘ridiculous’ commentary on Queen Elizabeth’s COVID diagnosis

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QUEEN ELIZABETH HAS MILD COVID-19 SYMPTOMS, CANCELS ONLINE ENGAGEMENTS DR. JANETTE NESHEIWAT: Dis belaglik. Regtig. You know you have to take into consideration the words that could potentially be causing and inst...

Lara Trump hammers MSNBC’s ‘totally ridiculousop-ed comparing Taliban to pro-life Republicans

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MSNBC OPINION PIECE PARES REPUBLICANS TO TALIBAN LARA TRUMP: It sounds totally ridiculous. Let me just remind people that the Taliban is a barbaric terrorist organization who treats women as second-class citizens, sy ...

Dan Bongino blaas AOC se 'belaglik' uit’ nuwe bewering oor toenemende misdaad

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POLISIE-VAKUNDE BLAD ACLU VIR UITSLAG VAN ONLANGS SLUIT-EN-GREP-ROOFTE: 'KIESERS IS VIR DAN BONGINO GELIEG': [AOC] praat namens die dowwe imbesiele skare. So luister, Ek het 'n paar keer vir kantoor gehardloop, gelukkig het dit nie uitgewerk nie...

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