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Neither human rights concerns nor US disapproval could stop the EU-China trade deal

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Hong Kong In a year that has seen global perceptions of China plunge, Beijing scored a major diplomatic victory Wednesday with the finalizing of a trade deal with the European Union -- in spite of criticism from the ...

Concerns mount that US withdrawal from Afghanistan could risk progress on women’s rights

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Concerns are mounting from bipartisan US lawmakers and Afghan women's rights activists that the hard-won gains for women and civil society in Afghanistan could be lost if the United States makes a precipitous withdr...

Google Doodle honors civil rights activist who fought school segregation in California in the 1940s

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Hispanic Heritage Month kicks off on Tuesday, and Google is fittingly celebrating with a new Google Doodle -- of civil rights pioneer and business owner Felicitas Mendez. Mendez, born in 1916 in Puerto Rico, is most...

Vernon Jordan, burgerregte leier en noue bondgenoot van Bill Clinton, sterf

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Washington Vernon Jordanië, 'n burgerregte leier en noue adviseur van oudpresident Bill Clinton, Maandagaand oorlede, verskeie bronne na aan die gesin vertel CNN. Hy was 85. Die voormalige president van die National ...

US considering declaring major human rights organizations are anti-Semitic

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Washington The US State Department is considering declaring that several widely respected human rights organizations are anti-Semitic, according to multiple sources who have been made aware of the conversations. Th ...

Transgender rights in the spotlight as Arkansas and Tennessee become latest states to pass anti-trans legislation

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LGBTQ advocates are warning that the influx of anti-transgender legislation being proposed in many states nationwide could have significant negative repercussions for trans youth. Twenty-eight states are considering...

Hierdie burgerregte-ikone het die Covid-19-entstof ontvang, en hulle moedig Swart Amerika aan om dieselfde te doen

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Civil rights icons took part in a coronavirus vaccination event at a historically Black medical school in Georgia. Die geleentheid is gehou om swart Amerikaners aan te spoor om ingeënt te word, Atlanta's Morehouse School of Medic...

Jason Johnson: Repealing the police ‘Bill of Rightswas wrong – Don’t follow Maryland’s lead

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Police accountability matters – that’s why Gov. Larry Hogan was right to veto much of Maryland’s so-called ‘police reform’ legislation last week. Ongelukkig, the Democratic supermajorities in the state legislature...

JK Rowling’s new book sparks fresh transgender rights row

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London JK Rowling has once again come under fire from transgender rights activists, this time for her new crime novel, which features a cross-dressing serial killer. Published Tuesday, "Troubled Blood" by Robert Galb...

John Roberts het nog 'n kans om die Wet op Stemregte te verminder

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Hoofregter John Roberts het die afgelope paar jaar 'n konserwatiewe rewolusie by die Hooggeregshof vertraag, maar hy het nog langer -- 40 jare -- rasse-remedies teëgestaan ​​het en die land nou uitgelê..

US joins countries with poor human rights records to denounce ‘rightto abortion

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Washington The US has joined a group of largely repressive governments in co-sponsoring an international declaration that challenges the right to an abortion. The Geneva Consensus Declaration, sponsored by Brazil, Eg...

New Jersey lawmakers approve bills expanding voting rights as GOP-led states move to restrict access

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Washington Lawmakers in New Jersey have sent the state's Democratic governor two election bills that together would expand voting rights for residents in the state, as GOP-led states move to restrict access to the ba...

Burgerregte-leiers hoop dat Biden die land kan genees deur optrede

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Toe die gekose president Joe Biden Woensdag sy inhuldigingstoespraak hou, burgerregte-leiers hoop op meer as net beloftes, maar 'n plan van aksie vir rasse genesing. Biden sal die presidentskap betree..

Die kandidaat vir DOJ, Kristen Clarke, word deur die Senaat in die gesig gestaar omdat ondersteuners sê dat burgerregtehoof broodnodig is

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Kristen Clarke, President Joe Biden se benoeming om die Afdeling Burgerregte van die Departement van Justisie te lei, gaan na haar bevestigingverhoor van die Senaat Woensdag as 'n rede vir ondersteuners dat daar 'n dringendheid is ...

This Republican Senate candidate appears to have no idea what the Voting Rights Act is

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Former Auburn University head football coach Tommy Tuberville is favored to beat Democratic Alabama Sen. Doug Jones this fall and join one of the world's most exclusive clubs. Which makes his recent answer to a ques...

A week of statesrights and wrongs

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In a public health crisis where early tough decisions to shut down or institute mask mandates initially fell on governors, governors again sought to carve their own paths for their states this week. But under a new ...

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