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This is how dangerous right-wing media *actually* is

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One of the many noxious developments of Donald Trump's presidency was the rise of several cable TV outlets that aimed to out-Fox Fox News. Come in, Fox News wasn't Trump-y enough, so more pro-Trump alternatives were ...

New York attorney general can join lawsuit against right-wing political operatives over alleged robocall scheme, regole del giudice

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A federal judge ruled Wednesday that New York Attorney General Letitia James can intervene in a federal proceeding against two notorious right-wing political operatives over what she says were efforts to suppress Bl...

Alleged leader of Oath Keepers disavows right-wing extremist group

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Jessica Watkins, an alleged leader of the Oath Keepers that is accused of planning to attack the Capitol, disavowed the right-wing extremist group on Friday in her first public comments since her arrest. "Given the ...

Gli estremisti di destra ei loro sostenitori utilizzano il sito web cristiano per raccogliere fondi

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Prima che il membro di Proud Boys Nick Ochs fosse arrestato e accusato in relazione all'insurrezione al Campidoglio degli Stati Uniti, ha sollevato $ 300 sul sito web di orientamento cristiano per aiutarlo a raggiungere la DC. A seguire ...

Right-wing political operatives arraigned on felony voter intimidation charges for robocalls

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Two right-wing political operatives accused of orchestrating robocalls aimed at deterring voters in Detroit and other major cities from casting their ballots by mail were arraigned Wednesday on voter intimidation ch...

Michigan attorney general charges right-wing political operatives with intimidating voters through robocalls

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Washington Two notorious right-wing political operatives were charged Thursday for allegedly running a voter suppression operation targeting voters in Michigan, according to Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel. Il...

Tactics employed by right-wing extremist groups are now being used by extremists on the left, rapporto trova

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Social media posts from far-left extremist groups conveying hateful, and at times violent, sentiments against police surged during the recent period of protests and civil unrest, secondo un nuovo rapporto. The find...