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US ‘Ruling class used the threat of disease to consolidate its power’; used censorship, onluste: Ben Domenech

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DOMENECH: Human actions and decisions made the real-life costs of the pandemic far higher than they otherwise might have been. They unnecessarily erased an entire year of education, destroyed small businesses, and wr...

Endless riots turn Portland into city of ‘mayhem

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"It makes me feel sad for the people who were born and raised here, that their city has become this. This is not what Portland is all about," said Daryl Turner, a 30-year veteran of the Portland Police Department and...

Veteran who was harassed by Antifa over flag says riots have become part of Portland’s landscape

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The retired Marine Corps officer made the comments following a report that the police and the FBI are on the streets of Portland due to "imminent" efforts from outside groups to "engage and advance gun violence" hierdie ...

The Intercept ‘stands by its reportingamid backlash for targeting Gab users, journos who covered BLM riots

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"Over the past several days, wild and unfounded accusations have been hurled at The Intercept. We publish corrections and clarifications when we get something wrong, but none of these attacks have any merit whatsoeve...

Former acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller walks back Trump blame for Jan. 6 onluste

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"Would anybody have marched on the Capitol, and tried to overrun the Capitol, without the president’s speech? I think it’s pretty much definitive that wouldn’t have happened," Miller had said during an interview with...

Riots erupt in parts of Israel as tensions flare

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It was some of the most unsettling, if not the worst, unrest since the early 2000s, according to journalist Amotz Eyal, who likened the atmosphere in the mixed Arab and Israeli city of Lod to a warzone. Mayor Yair Re...

DHS IG finds use of federal officers to quell Portland riots legal, recommends better planning in future

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Critics blasted the decision in early June to send federal officers to the city after protesters repeatedly demonstrated outside the federal courthouse there, vandalizing it, hurling firecrackers and leaving a number...

Leo Terrell blasts Maxine Waters: She gave ‘OKfor riots after Chauvin trial

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LIBERAL MEDIA DEFENDS, DOWNPLAYS MAXINE WATERS' RHETORIC: 'SHE GIVES IT TO YOU LIKE IT IS!' LEO TERRELL: Let me be very clear. Maxine Waters intentionally incited that crowd and continually put pressure on the jury t...

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis discusses legislation to strengthen police protection and prevent riots

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RON DESANTIS: Oor die somer, we were one of the states that said ‘we’re not having riots in the state of Florida,’ so we put our foot down, we protected our folks. The bill I’m going to sign very soon is the strong...

Brooklyn Center mayor defends media presence following Daunte Wright shooting, ongoing riots

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Elliot addressed concerns during a Wednesday press conference that insinuated media members were being demanded to leave the area post-curfew. "Demanding the media to leave is absolutely, unequivocally unacceptable,"...

Daunte Wright skiet: Polisiehoof in die Brooklyn-sentrum, beampte bedank nadat 2 nagte van onluste in Minnesota

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Gannon het Maandag die besluit geneem om liggaams-kamera-opnames bekend te maak wat die noodlottige ontmoeting toon. Daar kan gehoor word hoe 'n vroulike beampte skree, "Taser, Taser, Taser," voordat 'n enkele skoot afgaan. Die polisiehoof het gesê by die ne ...

Acting Capitol Police chief tells Congress the department ‘failedduring Capitol riots

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The acting head of the US Capitol Police told congressional members during a closed-door briefing Tuesday that the "department failed to meet its own high standards" op Januarie 6 when a crowd of pro-Trump rioters ov...

Florida man accused of being in Capitol riots was arrested at the inauguration, Ministerie van Justisie sê

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A Florida man knew he was wanted by authorities for being at the US Capitol riots but returned to Washington, DC, to attend the inauguration, the Justice Department said in a court filing Thursday. Samuel Camargo, 2...

FBI Director Wray says over 200 suspects identified in US Capitol riots

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Investigators have identified more than 200 suspects in their probe of the January 6 attack at the US Capitol and arrested more than 100 individuals, FBI Director Chris Wray said Thursday in his first public appeara...

Some national veterans organizations vow to remove members charged in the Capitol riots

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Some national veterans organizations have vowed to remove members who were charged in the Capitol riots, taking a stand against the violent attack last week. Current and former US military members participated in th...

Yogananda Pittman aangewys as waarnemende polisiehoof van die Amerikaanse Capitol na onluste

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Die Amerikaanse Capitol-polisie het 'n swart vrou as haar waarnemende polisiehoof aangestel nadat die voormalige hoof bedank het in die gevolge van die onvoldoende reaksie van die agentskap op oproermakers wat die Trump oproerig gemaak het..

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